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NCAA graduate Cam Norrie playing at Wimbledon 2021

The NCAA Support Programme is for British Players that are entering, based at, or exiting the NCAA collegiate programme. Historically the NCAA has been successful for British Players. It is a pathway that we value, preparing players for the transition on to the Pro Tour.

NCAA Graduates

Find below a list of British Player NCAA graduates, where they attended, and their success on the ATP Tour.  

Cameron Norrie - TCU 
Career High Ranking: ATP 10

Joe Salisbury - Memphis 
Career High Ranking: ATP 1 doubles 

Neal Skupski - LSU 
Career High Ranking: ATP 13 doubles 

Dom Inglot - UVA 
Career High Ranking: ATP 18 doubles 

Ken Skupski - LSU
Career High Ranking: ATP 44 doubles

Lloyd Glasspool - Texas
Career High Ranking: ATP 61 doubles

Ryan Peniston - Memphis
Career High Ranking: ATP 199

Paul Jubb - South Carolina
Career High Ranking: ATP 230

Alastair Gray - TCU 
Career High Ranking: ATP 297

Aim of the programme

  • To support players who are prepared and most likely to transition on to the Pro Tour
  • To increase the likelihood of more players reaching shortlisting criteria for PSP and MWP
  • To build relationships, trust, and knowledge across our players involved in NCAA

What will the support look like?

Throughout the NCAA pathway there will be a dedicated LTA Men’s Team national coach.


  • Assistance and advice on NCAA college programmes
  • Direct and support aspiring players to NCAA eligibility expertise
  • Support and educate players on criteria to consider during college recruitment process


  • NCAA visits by the Men’s Tennis Team
  • Communicate domestic opportunities to compete whilst back in the UK – ITF Pro Tour, UK Pro League, British Tour and Progress Tour
  • Communicate wild card feed up opportunities linked to our domestic competition calendar
  • Communicate structured UK based training opportunities when back in the UK


  • Communicate and advise on UK performance competition, and training programmes

We monitor progress of all British Players on the NCAA circuit via multiple forms of evidence including: results, ATP ranking, UTR and NCAA rankings, match scouting, coach feedback, college programme feedback and historical data analysis. These forms of evidence are updated regularly allowing for consistent monitoring to track ranking and progress through each players’ NCAA journey.


"The enhanced support that the LTA will be providing players based in NCAA programmes is great to see. The NCAA college system is one route into professional tennis and it's great to see the LTA are supporting this journey and creating opportunities for support. It really helped my own path onto the ATP Tour and it's an important time in a player’s career to develop their game and work towards being a professional player. There's a large group of talented British players who are following in mine and others’ footsteps taking this route. The players will find it beneficial having the LTA's support in addition to the support from their schools to give them the best chance to gain success on the ATP Tour." Cameron Norrie, British No.1

"It's great to see the LTA offering support to players who have committed to go to US college. Creating competitive opportunities and training options when back in the UK is a great way to support the players. The combination of fantastic college programmes and LTA support allows players to take this route into pro tennis." Paul Jubb, NCAA Singles Champion 2019

Have a question?

Please email Mark Hilton on playerpathway@lta.org.uk if you have any questions about the NCAA Support Programme and identifying the right college for you.