Readiness Test

From 1 July 2021, Readiness Tests will replace the Play Test to enable coaches without the requisite rating to be assessed against the relevant entry criteria for a specific coaching qualification. Unlike the old Play Test, where you could be assigned a grade 1, 2, or 3 depending on your score, there is a separate Readiness Test for each qualification (except LTA Assistant) that assesses against the specific skills required to excel on the course.  

*If you have previously undertaken a Play Test and received a grade this will remain valid for entry into future qualifications.  

What are the changes? 

Previously, the Play Test only looked at a coachs playing ability, whereas the new Readiness Tests assess against multiple skills, e.g.: 

  • Communication 

  • Demonstrations 

  • Tennis Knowledge 

  • Playing Ability 

Each of the above has specific requirements at each qualification, based on the varied deployment guidelines and different roles and responsibilities at each level.   

You will only be required to book a Readiness Test if you do not meet the entry criteria with your best LTA rating. These are: 

LTA Instructor (launching September 1, 2021) - minimum 7.1 best historical rating 

LTA Level 3/LTA Coach – minimum 6.1 best historical rating  

LTA Learn  

When you book the relevant Readiness Test you will access it through LTA Learn - further guidance will be available within the course itself including what to video and how to submit it. Readiness Test submissions will be assessed by one of the LTA Qualification Assessor team, who are among the country’s highest qualified and most experienced coaches, who are also very experienced tutors and assessors. They will provide detailed feedback and action plans to further coach development.  

LTA Assistant 

Coaches will not need to book onto a Readiness Test in order to undertake the LTA Assistant Qualification.  

LTA Instructor 

The LTA Instructor requires the successful completion of the Instructor Readiness Test, or a previous best rating of 7.1 or higher, in order to book onto the LTA Instructor course.  

LTA Coach (Level 3)  

The LTA Instructor requires the successful completion of the Coach Readiness Test, or a previous best rating of 6.1 or higher, in order to book onto the LTA Coach or Level 3 course. The requirement to have completed a successful Coach Readiness Test will replace the old Play Test criteria.  

If you have previously completed and passed a Play Test in preparation for a Level 3 course you will not be required to complete a Coach Readiness Test.  


The Instructor and Coach Readiness Tests are both £36 and require a submission video length of approximately 20 minutesAll details are outlined within LTA Learn after booking.  

How to book your Assessment 

Summative Assessments can only be booked via the LTA website - to do so please click this link 

You must ensure you sign up for the correct Readiness Test – they are clearly labelled Instructor and Level 3.  

If you have any further questions relating to Assessments you can contact the Coach Development Centre running the Core Training or refer to guidance provided on LTA Learn. 

Reasonable adjustments are available and encompass any arrangements made prior to the delivery of a qualification, course, or workshop. Reasonable adjustments are required to be authorised by the LTA.  Please contact the LTA before booking.