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Non LTA tennis coaching qualification


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We welcome coaches with external qualifications or those from abroad who’ve completed similar levels of training. If you have an external qualification and would like to either join the qualification pathway or become a member of LTA Coach Accreditation (our professional coach membership scheme), we’ve put together some information on how you can make that happen.  

Before we move on, there are two points to bear in mind: 

  • Equivalency: We don’t award any form of equivalency to non-LTA qualifications - your submission will be reviewed based upon one of the two entry points outlined in step one below.  
  • British Tennis Coaches Association (BTCA): We’re working with the BTCA to map their course and tutor standards, content and curriculum. However, please note we’re currently unable to accept BTCA qualifications for entry into LTA Coach Accreditation and the LTA qualification pathway. 

Please note that that due to the number of applications we receive and the complexity of each review we will endeavour to respond to each application within eight weeks.