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The LTA is responsible for the assessments that are required as part of the Coach Qualification Pathway. We have made a number of changes to the assessment process to make it more accessible and relevant in line with the updated LTA qualifications.   

What are the changes?  


All LTA qualifications are assessed centrally by the LTA Qualification Assessor Team. When you have completed and passed your core training, and when you are ready, you will book your Summative Assessment and submit a video of your coaching, which you will have done in your own venue with your own players. This makes assessments more relevant and accessible. Some of the many benefits are listed below:   

  • It's a more relevant method of assessment, as it focuses on you in your teaching environment. This means you get specific feedback tailored to your needs and coaching aspirations.   
  • Accessibility. There is no need to take an extra day off work or study to attend an assessment. You can fit it into your schedule.   
  • Learner-centred assessment approach. It gives you the control to decide when you are ready to submit your video assessment. You have the flexibility to engage with your assessment around your other work and commitments.   
  • Enhanced learning. For the first time, you will be able to review and reflect on your final submission before submitting. You get to decide whether you feel your video is the best representation of your coaching, and if it is not you get to do it again. This promotes continuous development.   
  • A fairer process. The LTA Qualification Assessor can review your video submission multiple times to ensure nothing is missed in the marking.   


How do these changes affect my course? 


  • The Instructor Summative Assessment costs £50 and the submission video length is 30 minute group lesson.  
  • The Coach Summative Assessment costs £65 and the submission video length is 45 minute individual lesson.    

Booking a Summative Assessment allows for ONE submission. If you receive a not yet pass mark you will be required to book another Summative Assessment, so please do watch your submission video prior to submitting to ensure that you are happy that it is at the required level to pass the qualification.   

In order to support your continued development as a coach, you will get expert feedback and an action plan from the LTA Qualification Assessor, and there will be no limit on how many Summative Assessment attempts you can undertake.


How to book your Assessment  

Assessments can only be booked online via our website - to do so please click this link.   

You must ensure you sign up for the correct Summative Assessment – they are clearly labelled ‘Instructor’ and ‘Level 3’.   

If you have any further questions relating to assessments you can contact the Coach Development Centre running the core training or refer to guidance provided on LTA Learn.   

The LTA is committed to ensuring that our qualifications are accessible for all, which is why it is vital that all candidates where possible outline any reasonable adjustments/or special considerations you may require prior to attending the course.  Please use this link to outline to the LTA and LTA Assessor the additional support needs that you will require on this course in order to maximise your learning.

The final decision made by the LTA Reasonable Adjustment panel cannot be challenged. 

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