LTA Assessments

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From July 1 2021, the LTA will be responsible for assessments that are required to be undertaken as part of the Coach Qualification Pathway. We have made a number of changes to the assessment process to make it more accessible and relevant in line with the launch of the updated LTA qualifications.   

What are the changes? 

Real life coaching assessments (assessing you in a real-life coaching environment) uploaded to LTA Learn via video are an intrinsic part of the LTA Qualification Pathway.  

Some of the benefits are: 

  • It's a more relevant method of assessment, as it focuses on you in your teaching environment. This means you get specific feedback tailored to your needs and coaching aspirations. 

  • Accessibility. There is no need to take an extra day off work or study to attend an assessment. You can fit it into your schedule. 

  • Learner-centred assessment approach. It gives you the control to decide when you are ready to submit your video assessment. You have the flexibility to engage with your assessment around your other work and commitments. 

  • Enhanced learning. For the first time, you will be able to review and reflect on your final submission before uploading. You get to decide whether you feel your video upload is the best representation of your coaching. 

  • A fairer process. The LTA Qualification Assessor can review your video upload multiple times to ensure nothing is missed in the marking of your submission. 

LTA Learn  

When you sign up to the relevant Readiness Test you will access it through LTA Learn - further guidance will be available within the course itself including how to submit your video and top tips.  

LTA Assistant   

As part of the updated qualification, we have removed the need for an end point assessment on the LTA Assistant course. Candidates will complete online coursework, comprising learning, tests, and tasks, as part of the core training required to complete the qualificationCandidates will also undertake four hours of Qualification Experience, which entails assisting a lead coach in red stage group sessions. The lead coach will provide feedback to the learner as part of the process.     

LTA Instructor   

LTA Instructors will be trained to deliver group coaching, with excellence, at any venue and, as part of the qualification, will be required to undertake a group coaching assessment. After the completion of the core training element of the course (knowledge tests, online learning and video-based tasks) you will be required to book a Summative Assessment which is booked via the LTA Course Search Tool. The lesson will be conducted in a real-life setting, coaching real players, and the video will be uploaded to LTA Learn for the LTA Qualification Assessor team to grade 

The LTA Qualification Assessors all have decades of experience working as Tutors within the LTA Qualification Pathway. The combined score of your continuous assessments (40%) and your final assessment (60%) will determine your final grade. You will also need to complete a one-day Elective as part of the LTA Instructor qualification, but this does not count towards your final grade. 

Once the Core Training has been completed and your assessment been marked by our LTA Qualification Assessors you will be notified whether you have passed the course or will require a reassessment.   

LTA Coach (Level 3)   

On Day 12 of the course coaches will undertake the group lesson Summative Assessment requirement with the rest of the course cohort and feedback will be presented by the Tutor(s) on the day. 

Coaches who are currently in the process of completing their Level 3 course will be required to book their individual lesson Summative Assessment on the LTA website. Assessments are recorded by you (using smartphone equipment and Bluetooth headphonesduring a real-life lesson of your choice and then submitted virtually by video upload.   

Once the core training has been completed and your Assessment been marked by our LTA Qualification Assessors you will be notified whether you have passed the course and or will require a reassessment.   


The Instructor Summative Assessment costs £50 and the submission video length is 30 minutes. 

The Coach Summative Assessment costs £65 and the submission video length is 45 minutes  

How to book your Assessment 

Assessments can only be booked via the LTA website - to do so please click this link 

You must ensure you sign up for the correct Summative Assessment – they are clearly labelled Instructor and Level 3.  

If you have any further questions relating to assessments you can contact the Coach Development Centre running the core training or refer to guidance provided on LTA Learn.  

Reasonable adjustments are available and encompass any arrangements made prior to the delivery of a qualification, course, or workshop. Reasonable adjustments are required to be authorised by the LTA. Please contact the LTA before booking.