LTA Coaching Qualifications Pathway

Tennis coaching is a rewarding career as you inspire people to start playing the game and empower them to fulfil their potential. Every day is a new challenge, from young children picking up a racket for the first time through to players chasing grand slam success.

If you’d like to take that first step on the coaching journey, the coaching pathway can guide you through a coaching career, from becoming a tennis leader through to developing players to an elite standard with a level 5 master performance qualification.

Assessments Assessments addremove

From July 1st 2021, the LTA will be responsible for assessments that are required to be undertaken as part of the Coach Qualification Pathway. We have made a number of changes to the assessment process to make it more accessible and relevant in line with the launch of the updated LTA qualifications. 

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Level 1 - LTA Assistant Level 1 - LTA Assistant addremove

This enhanced two-day qualification is ideal for tennis parents, enthusiasts, or keen players looking for the knowledge and skills to support group coaching sessions, alongside a lead Coach.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Communication, organisation and differentiation skills for group coaching
  • Basic tactical, technical, physical and mental development frameworks
  • Other key assistant skills; from safeguarding to LTA Youth delivery

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Level 2 - LTA Instructor Level 2 - LTA Instructor addremove

This enhanced five-day qualification (split into core and elective days), is ideal for those looking to build on the coaching foundations of LTA Assistant/Level 1, enabling you to lead in the delivery of group coaching.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Develop more advanced skills in communication and organisation
  • Have introductory knowledge of ‘observation and analysis’ of players
  • Be able to provide general coaching advice across physical, mental, tactical, and technical domains
  • Plan and deliver structured lessons from official LTA Adult and Junior coaching products e.g., Cardio Tennis, Tennis Xpress, LTA Youth
  • Understand basic principles of skill acquisition, safeguarding and player development

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Level 3 - Tennis coach qualification Level 3 - Tennis coach qualification addremove

The level 3 coach qualification course is for people who want to work full time within the tennis coaching profession. On successful completion of the coach qualification candidates will be trained to:

  • Coach beginners and improvers in groups and as individuals.
  • Understand the basics of business management
  • Manage the work of level 1 and 2 coaching assistants.

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Level 4 - Senior Coach and Senior Performance Coach qualifications Level 4 - Senior Coach and Senior Performance Coach qualifications addremove

The LTA Senior Coach and Senior Performance Coach (SPC) qualifications (Level 4) are for coaches committed to developing their on and off court coaching skills beyond Level 3 Coach competencies.

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Level 5 - Master Club Coach qualification Level 5 - Master Club Coach qualification addremove

The master club coach qualification is for coaches who are or who aspire to work at the very highest level of club coaching.

On completion of the course, a master club coach will be trained to:

  • Deliver on court sessions of the highest quality to all club members.
  • Design, implement and evaluate the process and outcome of club programmes.
  • Display leadership skills to create and manage change in dynamic club environments.
  • Mentor a team of coaches to ensure delivery of a quality programme.

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Level 5 - Master Performance Coach qualification Level 5 - Master Performance Coach qualification addremove

The master performance coach qualification is for coaches who work with high performance players and have the responsibility for their programme development and planning. 

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Readiness Test Readiness Test addremove

From 1 July 2021, Readiness Tests will replace the Play Test to enable coaches without the requisite rating to be assessed against the relevant entry criteria for a specific coaching qualification.

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LTA Padel Coaching Qualification LTA Padel Coaching Qualification addremove

The LTA is responsible for the provision of padel CPD and qualifications in the UK.

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Guide to previous LTA coaching qualifications Guide to previous LTA coaching qualifications addremove

If you hold a LTA qualification prior to 2006, find out what it equates to now and the steps you can take to upgrade.

Download the guide to previous LTA coaching qualifications

Non LTA coaching qualifications Non LTA coaching qualifications addremove

Coaches with non LTA qualifications are now able to check their qualification against an ITF comparison to coach in the UK and access the LTA coach accreditation scheme.

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Tutoring Tutoring addremove

LTA tutors inspire and train the next generation of tennis coaches. The requirements to become an LTA tutor are:

  • Level 4 coaching qualification (SCC/SPC or former equivalent).
  • Be an LTA Accredited+ coach.
  • Successful completion of the Coach Tutor Qualification (CTQ) course.
  • Be able to demonstrate experience of running in-service training or leading a team.

Find out more about becoming a coach tutor.

Inclusion Initiatives and Grants Inclusion Initiatives and Grants addremove

We are committed to inclusion and having a diverse workforce, allowing anybody to take their first steps on the LTA's Coaching Qualifications Pathway. To help us achieve this, we have a range of support, opportunities and targeted grant initiatives in place.

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