Readiness Test

To make sure course participants have an enjoyable course experience, and can feel comfortable and confident working through the demands of the training days and tasks, we have Readiness Tests in place to help prepare learners and ensure the course is right for them. 

Prospective candidates can take the Readiness Test in their own time, at their own venue, and are free to undertake and record each element of the test as many times as they need before submitting their video(s) to the LTA for assessment. 

Candidates who hold, or have held, an LTA rating that is 6.1 for Level 3 or 7.1 for Instructor can bypass the Readiness Test and book directly onto the respective qualification core training. 

What is a Readiness Test?

It is a course prerequisite that develops and assesses candidates against the knowledge and skills required to succeed on a qualification.  

These include:

  • Communication
  • Demonstration
  • Feeding
  • Playing Ability

The Readiness Tests are an opportunity for learning. They are directly linked to the specific educational requirements of each qualification, based on the typical roles and responsibilities at each level on the pathway. 

*If you have previously undertaken a Play Test and received a grade this will remain valid for entry into future qualifications.   

How do I submit my Readiness Test?  

Coaches book the relevant Readiness Test here, and they will access it through LTA Learn. Further guidance will be available within the course itself, including what to video and how to submit it. Readiness Test submissions, which will be approximately 20 minutes in length, will be assessed by one of our expert LTA Qualification Assessors. They will provide detailed feedback and action plans to facilitate further coach development.   

LTA Assistant 

Not required.   

LTA Instructor 

Required, unless a coach has a previous best rating of 7.1 or higher, in order to book onto the LTA Instructor qualification.   

LTA Coach (Level 3)  

Required, unless a coach has a previous best rating of 6.1 or higher, in order to book onto the LTA Coach or Level 3 course. The requirement to have completed a successful Coach Readiness Test will replace the old Play Test criteria.   

*If you have previously completed and passed a Play Test in preparation for a Level 3 course you will not be required to complete a Coach Readiness Test.   

LTA Senior Coach (Level 4) 

If you’re interested in undertaking the Senior Coach qualification please complete the Expression of Interest Form. When applications open we will provide all details on prerequisites, including Readiness Test and ratings requirements.   


Readiness Tests are £36

How to book 

Readiness Tests ccan be booked directly on the LTA website - please use this link

Please ensure you sign up for the correct Readiness Test – they are pre-fixed with the qualification title, e.g., Instructor Readiness Test. 

Reasonable adjustments are available and encompass any arrangements made prior to the delivery of a qualification, course, or workshop. Reasonable adjustments are required to be authorised by the LTA. Please contact the LTA before booking.