Coaching LTA Youth Tennis for Kids

Tennis for Kids has combined with LTA’s new junior programme, LTA Youth. During this transition, you may see a mix of both brands across promotional items, within the coach packs and participant kits. LTA Youth Tennis for Kids has been refreshed to align with the principles and competencies of LTA Youth.

LTA Youth Tennis for Kids offers children, aged 4-11, who have never played before, the opportunity to try and fall in love with tennis, by taking part in a six session introductory course delivered by LTA Accredited coaches, across Great Britain.

Since its inception in 2016, over 82,000 kids have completed a Tennis for Kids course!

With a fresh look and exciting new content, we want to continue to grow LTA Youth Tennis for Kids and significantly increase the number of kids trying tennis out and booking on to a course and falling in love with our sport.

Here are some important things to know;

Coach Training available online

Training to deliver LTA Youth Tennis for Kids is now fully online meaning coaches can get trained up at any point during the year. It also means coaches won’t need to take time off and travel to attend a training day. The training will remain FREE to all coaches.

If you were trained face to face in 2018 or completed the online training in 2019, you can continue to upload and deliver LTA Youth Tennis for Kids courses providing all criteria is met.

Coach Support

Coaches delivering LTA Youth Tennis for Kids courses will receive the following support;

  • Free online training (mandatory for new coaches)
  • A centralised booking website to help administer / promote and manage courses (ClubSpark)*
  • National marketing campaign to parents and kids
  • Delivery and promotional resources
  • Access to case studies
  • Access to a coaches LTA Youth Facebook group for support and learning
  • Resource packs including certificates, activity cards and stickers

Watch the video below to guide you through the process of uploading your course(s).

For Parents / Kids

For £25 (+£4.99 P&P) parents and children will have access to;  

  • Website to search and book courses, as well as parent videos
  • 6 coaching sessions delivered by a trained and Accredited coach
  • A racket, ball and wristband set
  • A branded t-shirt
  • Activity cards, lanyard, stickers, certificate (provided by you)
  • A follow on promotional offer (from you)


LTA wants tennis in Britain to be at the forefront of safeguarding in sport. As a result, all LTA Youth Tennis for Kids courses must be delivered by a trained and Accredited coach and delivered at either a Registered Venue, an Educational Venue or a Community Venue that meets the LTA’s minimum safeguarding standards.

The LTA is committed to making sure all people involved in tennis in Britain can enjoy the sport in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. We strongly believe this should be at the heart of everything we do and will be central to the continued success of programmes like LTA Youth Tennis for Kids. We understand parents and carers play a vital role in achieving this. So, we have partnered with Sport England to pilot a cutting edge awareness campaign to promote the welfare of all young people. The participant packs will include a ‘Safe to Play’ card where parents have access to true story cases and guidance.


We have heard so many amazing success stories with Tennis for Kids and the programme insight continues to reflect the support for this introductory offer: 

  • An incredible 95% of parents are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience
  • 97% of parents feel it continues to provide value for money
  • 60% of children who participate have never played before
  • 65% of parents would not have registered their kids to tennis if Tennis for Kids hadn’t existed
  • Almost 50% of kids completing a course are signing up to a coaching programme or becoming a member of a club.

LTA Youth Tennis for Kids is the best way to introduce new kids to the sport and has helped many coaches grow their programme and their business. With the alignment of junior programmes and competitions in 2020 through LTA Youth, there has never been a better time to get more kids playing than ever.

*Only those Coaches that are LTA accredited plus can access ClubSpark.