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Safeguarding Standards for LTA Venue Registration


Making tennis safe and open to all

As the governing body of tennis in Britain, it is the LTA’s duty to promote the safety of all those who play, volunteer and support tennis in this country. The LTA is therefore committed to supporting and enabling LTA registered venues to ensure that safeguarding standards are upheld.

These standards apply to all venues but please see the Venue Registration portal for details of exact requirements for your venue type.

This is a positive move and one which will help support venues in creating a safe, accessible, enjoyable and welcoming environment for everyone.

Coach Accreditation Requirements and Safeguarding Standards

In 2019, all LTA Registered Venues were required to meet safeguarding standards as part of their LTA Venue Registration. At this time it became mandatory for all Level 3-5 qualified coaches operating at any of our registered venues to be accredited with the LTA. 

In 2022, in addition to the above, the requirement will be for anyone holding an LTA Level 2, LTA instructor, an overseas or external tennis coaching qualification, and who is delivering coaching activity at LTA Registered venues to be LTA Accredited. For LTA Level 1s / LTA Assistants, tennis activators and tennis leaders, clear deployment guidelines will be communicated to ensure they are carrying out activity consistently, safely, and competently.   For more information, please see the section below "Coaching Safeguarding Standards - changes coming in Autumn 2022"


What's in it for my venue?

  • Knowledge that your venue is playing its part in making our sport a safe, secure, accessible and welcoming environment for all.
  • Confidence that you're meeting duty of care obligations for those playing, socialising, working or volunteering at your venue.
  • Exclusive benefits – including access to the LTA Wimbledon Ballot; ClubSpark; Public Liability Insurance; and LTA funding support, programmes and initiatives.


What do we need to have in place?

To be eligible for LTA registration, venues must meet the following standards:

Standard 1: Safeguarding Policies

Have a set of clear safeguarding policies that have been implemented within the venue

Standard 2: Safeguarding Awareness

Ensure that there is strong awareness within the venue of safeguarding, the requisite policies and how to report a concern

Standard 3: Safeguarding Culture

Have a Welfare Officer who has undergone the necessary training, is engaged in their role and collaborating with others in the venue to embed a positive safeguarding culture.

Standard 4: Staff, Coaches and Volunteers

Ensure that relevant roles within the venue have completed a satisfactory criminal records check and that any coaches qualified to Level 2 or above are LTA Accredited or Accredited+

Standard 5: Procedure

Ensure that safeguarding is embedded into the venue’s operations and safeguarding risks are considered when  running activities and events


Support and Guidance

We will be conducting safeguarding support visits with venues on an ongoing basis in order to support Registered Venues in ensuring the new safeguarding standards are being maintained. Failure to comply with the standards can lead to the withdrawal of a venue's registration and its benefits.

Details about the standards and how you can achieve them can be found by downloading the self-assessment and our PDF guide located below.

Venue safeguarding standards resources

Download the Self-Assessment Form for detailed information and support on the safeguarding support visit criteria. The Safeguarding Standards for LTA Registered Venues PDF guide also contains information about the criteria and the process that is followed.

View a webinar explaining how the process will work for LTA Registered Venues.

Safeguarding standards FAQs

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about the safeguarding standards.

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