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LTA Youth Coaching


Tennis coaching for kids

Transform your coaching programme with LTA Youth – a fresh, fun approach to coaching tennis, for kids aged 4 – 18, no matter their gender, ability or background.

We’ve created LTA Youth with a whole new approach to coaching. The programme gives you everything you need to help more kids enjoy the benefits of tennis, including world-class content based on the latest science and research.

We understand that the key to growing any coaching business is giving kids the best experience possible while offering their parents value for money. LTA Youth guarantees that every session is full of energy and packed with exciting games that support kids in developing new skills for life – keeping them and their parents coming back for more!

The programme is made up of LTA Youth Start, an introductory course, plus five stages (outlined below) that give young players the chance to practice at an appropriate level and offers you the flexibility to run multiple sessions a week.

Best of all, you get access our extensive video library of LTA Youth drills and exercises, as well as hundreds of lesson plans in the Coach Secure Area.

Already on board? Find out how to upload your latest LTA Youth courses here.

There are many qualities to LTA Youth including a ‘player centred approach’ and ‘skill based development’. All content is underpinned by a comprehensive competency framework and guiding principles. By using a game based play with appropriate challenges and regular competition, LTA Youth will help retain more players as they progress through the stages.

You will find further information on training, course upload and safeguarding in the various sections below.

Helping to grow tennis

We have heard so many amazing success stories with LTA Youth Start and the programme insight continues to reflect the support for this introductory offer:

  • An incredible 95% of parents are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience
  • 97% of parents feel it continues to provide value for money
  • 60% of children who participate have never played before
  • 65% of parents would not have registered their kids if LTA Youth Start hadn’t existed

LTA Youth Start is the best way to introduce new kids to the sport and has helped many coaches grow their programme and their business. With the alignment of junior programmes and competitions through LTA Youth, there has never been a better time to get more kids playing tennis.

LTA Youth Matchplay

LTA Youth Matchplay is an exciting, engaging competition format designed to give players their first experience of individual competition.

Open Court

In order to open tennis up to people from all backgrounds, Open Court actively promotes and delivers opportunities for disabled people to get involved in tennis.

Team Challenge

Designed to get juniors playing and competing, LTA Youth Team Challenge is a fun competition where teams compete over a short series of matches.

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