Coaching LTA Youth

LTA Youth is a fresh, modern and comprehensive coaching programme for kids aged 4 - 18 years. The programme will help make tennis more relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for more kids. We know that the younger a child picks up a tennis racket, the more likely they are to continue to play throughout their lives. Sessions need to be fun, dynamic and provide kids with a sense of progression.

The LTA Youth coaching programme is made up of LTA Youth Start, the introductory programme, plus 5 stages, outlined below:


A fun starter course for kids aged 4 – 11, who are new to tennis or have played very little. There are 6 group coaching lessons full of fun games, designed to get kids active, confident and more skilled.

Blue Stage

Kids will improve their balance, agility and co-ordination through fun games while learning how to play the sport we love. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing, it’s getting to grips with the basics.

Red Stage

Kids start to practise overarm serves, volleys and learn how to rally, whilst developing their co-ordination, balance, speed and agility. Still with soft balls and small courts they'll be introduced to relaxed competition too. 

Orange Stage

Kids are converted into more than just one-shot wonders. Time to throw in some tactics, problem-solving and guides to sportsmanship and leadership. They'll know all of the rules and will be serving and returning.

Green Stage

It’s time for kids to play on full size courts. Now it’s all about growing their game by fine tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learned so far. Kids should now be in a position to act more independently on court.

Yellow Stage

It’s all about playing on a full size court with the same size balls the pros use. Kids will continue to explore different styles on court and start to choose their own. By this point we hope kids will be tennis players, and fans of the game for life!

There are many qualities to LTA Youth including a ‘player centred approach’ and ‘skill based development’. All content is underpinned by a comprehensive competency framework and guiding principles. By using a game based play with appropriate challenges and regular competition, LTA Youth will help retain more players as they progress through the stages.

Click here to download an infographic on the LTA Youth competencies.

You will find further information on training, course upload and safeguarding in the various sections below.

Coaching LTA Youth Start Coaching LTA Youth Start addremove

Since its launch in 2016, almost 100,000 kids have completed a Tennis for Kids course. Tennis for Kids has now combined with LTA Youth, brought into line with the principles and competencies and aligned under one brand with a new name; LTA Youth Start.

With a fresh look and exciting new content, we want to continue to grow LTA Youth Start and significantly increase the number of kids trying tennis and falling in love with our sport.

LTA Youth Start: Parents and Kids

Children will receive:

  • 6 group coaching sessions delivered by a trained LTA Accredited coach
  • A participant kit including racket, ball, wristbands and branded t-shirt 
  • Rewards for progress & achievements
  • Take home activities
  • A follow on promotional offer (from you, the coach)

Coaching LTA Youth Coaching LTA Youth addremove

In 2020 all coaches were invited to take part in the first stage of LTA Youth training, either face to face or via a webinar, to become recognised as a LTA Youth coach. Level 2 Accredited and Accredited+ coaches who completed training can upload LTA Youth sessions to ClubSpark and deliver the LTA Youth content within their programmes.

From 2021 LTA Youth is integrated into the coach qualification pathway and training is delivered via the network of LTA Coach Development Centres.


What training is available for LTA Youth Start and LTA Youth? What training is available for LTA Youth Start and LTA Youth? addremove

The table below provides an overview of the training available linked to LTA Youth and what it trains you to deliver (which is coupled with ClubSpark upload access):

Course Name


Trained to deliver LTA Youth Start

Trained to deliver LTA Youth?

LTA Youth: Start*


Online course




LTA Youth: Coach Foundation Training




Yes (in combination with online unit)

LTA Youth: Coach Foundation Training (supplementary online unit)


Online course


Yes (only in combination with workshop)

LTA Youth: Orange to Green






LTA Youth: Compete

Online course

No (specialism unit)

No (specialism unit)

*If you completed Tennis For Kids face-to-face training in 2018 or completed the Tennis for Kids online training, you can upload and deliver LTA Youth Start courses providing all other criteria is met:

  • The course must be held at a venue that falls into one of the below categories:
    • A Venue registered with the LTA and thus meets the five minimum safeguarding standards
    • An Educational Venue - this includes Schools, Colleges & Universities
    • A Park or Community Venue.

Coach support Coach support addremove

Coaches delivering LTA Youth Start courses or LTA Youth will receive support to plan and deliver their programmes, including:

  • A centralised booking website through ClubSpark to help administer / promote and manage courses (available to all L2 -5 Accredited and Accredited + coaches)*
  • Investment in a national marketing campaign
  • Videos and session plans for all stages of player development with world class content available in the Coach Secure Area
  • A suite of promotional materials to help engage parents and schools
  • Access to case studies and a coaches Facebook group for support and to share learning
  • Free LTA Youth Start online training (mandatory for new coaches)
  • LTA Youth Start resource packs including certificates, activity cards and stickers

ClubSpark support guides are available here.

Course finder

Once you have uploaded your LTA Youth Start and LTA Youth sessions to ClubSpark they will appear on the campaign website here for parents to search and book.

Promotional resources

Create personalised marketing materials to help promote LTA Youth Start and LTA Youth. There’s a variety of promotional items available in My Tennis Toolkit ready for you to tailor and use.

LTA Youth equipment

LTA Youth session videos show a range of equipment, which is available to purchase from the Zsig online store (Coach Accreditation discount rates apply). By no means does all the equipment have to be used, and coaches can be creative and find their own substitutes if they wish. The purpose is to provide players, (particularly younger children) with a wide range of stimulating visual aids which is proven to support and accelerate learning.

LTA Youth Schools LTA Youth Schools addremove

LTA Youth Schools is a free, innovative primary and secondary cross-curricular programme, with inspiring character education and personal development content, available to all schools in Great Britain from Spring 2021.

As part of LTA Youth Schools LTA has invested in a new School Club Link voucher, where teachers attending LTA Youth Teacher Training will receive a £250 voucher to spend on ten hours of coaching with a local LTA Accredited Coach, or equipment (limited to one voucher per school).

This is a significant investment and as well as being used as an incentive to get schools involved, it will also make life easier for coaches to build relationships with new schools and help bridge the gap for more kids to join programmes outside of school.

Find out more about LTA Youth Schools here.

LTA Youth Compete LTA Youth Compete addremove

Competition is a vital part of LTA Youth. Providing a seamless link from coaching programmes to appropriate competitions is essential to retaining children in the sport. Research has shown that players who compete are more likely than others to:

  • Play tennis more often
  • Play tennis all year round (rather than just through the Summer)
  • Continue playing, rather than dropping out of the sport

Coaches and Venues can play a vital role in growing our sport by providing more children with a fun and friendly introduction to competition with a clear progression for players who want to do more. LTA Youth products enable players to start competing in local, fun and recreational competitions before progressing to more formal tournaments at local venues. Find out more about LTA Youth Compete here.

The LTA Youth Compete products are supported by a reward scheme that encourages players at Red, Orange and Green to play competitive tennis matches. Players earn rewards based on the number of matches they play at each ball colour. Find out more about LTA Youth Competition Rewards here.

The LTA Youth Compete online learning course is a great way to discover more about each competition product and a mandatory requirement before you can deliver LTA Youth Matchplay. Click here to enrol and complete the training.

FAQ's FAQ's addremove

For the full set of FAQs visit the Coach FAQ Page here.

Safeguarding Safeguarding addremove

LTA wants tennis in Britain to be at the forefront of safeguarding in sport. As a result, all LTA Youth sessions must be delivered by a trained and LTA Accredited coach at either a registered venue, an educational venue or a community venue that meets the LTA’s minimum safeguarding standards.

The LTA is committed ensuring all people involved in tennis in Britain can enjoy the sport in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. We strongly believe this should be at the heart of everything we do and will be central to the continued success of programmes like LTA Youth. We understand parents and carers play a vital role in achieving this. So, we have partnered with Sport England to pilot a cutting edge awareness campaign to promote the welfare of all young people. The participant packs will include a ‘Safe to Play’ card where parents have access to true story cases and guidance

Helping to grow tennis

We have heard so many amazing success stories with LTA Youth Start and the programme insight continues to reflect the support for this introductory offer:

  • An incredible 95% of parents are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience
  • 97% of parents feel it continues to provide value for money
  • 60% of children who participate have never played before
  • 65% of parents would not have registered their kids if LTA Youth Start hadn’t existed

LTA Youth Start is the best way to introduce new kids to the sport and has helped many coaches grow their programme and their business. With the alignment of junior programmes and competitions through LTA Youth, there has never been a better time to get more kids playing tennis.