Regional Player Development Centres

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Regional Player Development Centres (RPDCs) provide high-quality coaching environments which enable the best players to train regularly with each other. 

They nurture the best young players to establish a robust all court-game and prepare to successfully begin playing national and international competitions.

Who are they for? Who are they for? addremove

These programmes are for players that are selected as a Regional Player.

Players at this level should be aspiring to achieve National Academy selection at age 14.

What is a Regional Player and how do I become one? What is a Regional Player and how do I become one? addremove

If you are selected as a Regional Player it means that you are among a number of players that are eligible to receive subsidised training costs at an RPDC. Those players that have been selected would have produced good performances at national competition and have been nominated by our National Performance Pathway team.We made our selections for 2020/21 based upon the Regional Player Selection Policy. 

There are a maximum of 250 Regional Players across GB.

What are the RPDC programmes like? What are the RPDC programmes like? addremove

Each programme has a different approach and player development philosophy driven by the RPDC Head Coach but you can expect:

  • High quality individual and squad coaching support, alongside aspiring peers, to help nurture player development
  • Age and stage specific tournament schedules, as well as coach attendance at identified domestic and international events
  • Programmes to include complimentary strength and conditioning support to maximise athletic development

How much does an RPDC programme cost? How much does an RPDC programme cost? addremove

The LTA investment into RPDCs is focused on tennis coaching; this enables RPDCs to offer significantly reduced programme costs to those selected as a Regional Player. A Regional Player who chooses to attend the RPDC for their entire programme will benefit from subsidised individual coaching, squad sessions and coach tournament attendance. Regional Players who choose to access the squad training will benefit from lower costs for these sessions.

To find out more information about the specific cost of each programme please contact the centres directly.

How do players get involved? How do players get involved? addremove

We have 14 RPDCs across the United Kingdom, all are listed below, click on each one to check out their webpages.

Each RPDC has a certain number of places available for “full-time” and “access” players; in order to select players every RPDC has a different process so we recommend contacting them individually for more information via the contacts found here.

Additional information Additional information addremove

On 15 July we hosted a webinar to cover some frequently asked questions and give greater explanation to the Pathway changes. If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it back please email 

Players selected as a Regional Player and / or for the U14 & U12 National Age Group Programme will be eligible for a subsidy in order to train at an RPDC. However, any keen young player can approach an RPDC to explore what training opportunities may be available for them.

Please contact either the RPDC operator using the contacts above or a member of the LTA National Player Pathway Team for further information at