Membership Growth

If you want to keep your members and visitors happy and coming back for more, you need to understand them and what they want from your club. This valuable knowledge can inform the creation of new playing opportunities as well as help retain and satisfy your existing members.

Tennis clubs, like small businesses, can gain a competitive edge by focusing their efforts on specific segments of the market instead of trying to appeal to everyone. This could be as simple as separating your competitive players from your social members or looking at geographic location or demographics. Grouping different people based on their characteristics and behaviours allows you to market to (talk to) people with engaging and relevant information.

Utilising your existing members is more cost-effective than wide reach marketing campaigns as they are your best salesforce. In commercial tennis centres, approximately 50% of new members come from member referrals, friends and family, as well as lapsed members re-joining.

A successful membership drive needs to be backed up with high quality customer service, which starts before they even step on court. If a new member’s experience is disappointing, they may not return, and may tell others about their negative experience.

Consider the new member experience at your club – there are many touchpoints from their initial search for information through to first interaction at the club and then follow up communication. Getting the customer journey right will help you meet and exceed customer expectations and membership growth in the long-term.

Check out our self-service guide to growing club membership for more details.

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