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Financial management


Tennis clubs will need to comply with rules for VAT, Corporation Tax, business rates and employment taxes. Taxation can be a complex and challenging area for tennis clubs, particularly for volunteer-run clubs. However, non-compliance can lead to repercussions including both over paying and under paying HMRC (resulting in tax assessments, plus interest and penalties), and committee officers and club members potentially facing liabilities on behalf of the club. If you are working on a major project within your club, we advise developing a sound business plan to ensure the project meets your club's objectives and is within your financial capabilities.

Understanding what you need to know about tax is the first step in making sure your club meets its obligations. It can be a daunting subject but one that you cannot afford to ignore. The following forms of tax are typically relevant to tennis clubs:

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Corporation Tax
  • Business rates
  • PAYE and NIC

Associated with your tennis club’s taxation status and requirements is the legal status and structure of your club (i.e. whether your club is incorporated or unincorporated).

Check out our self-service guide to good governance and management for more details.

LTA Legal & Tax Helpline

We understand that many aspects of club governance are complicated and can require specialist advice. As a result, we provide LTA Registered Venues with access to our specialist legal and tax helpline, operated by a leading commercial law firm. Visit our Club Governance page for further information.

QuickBooks Online Financial Management System

To support our Registered Venues and Accredited Coaches, the LTA have partnered with QuickBooks to ensure that our tennis clubs and coaches can take full advantage of the wide-range of cutting edge services and functionality that QuickBooks offers at a highly appealing price. This discounted rate is only available to LTA Registered Venues and LTA Accredited Coaches as a direct LTA benefit.

To sign up or find out more visit the QuickBooks website.

LTA Buying Group - helping to save your club money

The LTA are working in partnership with GMG, specialists in establishing buying-groups within the sports sector, to harness the collective purchasing power of the 2,750 LTA Registered Venues to leverage significant discounts across a wide range of goods and services that are used by tennis clubs. Our aim with GMG is to help your club access high quality services at a reduced price, assisting the financial sustainability of our network of tennis clubs across Britain.

Visit our LTA Buying Group website for further information.

Contracts Manager Tool

The LTA Buying Group also gives club access to a Contracts Manager tool. This tool is a cloud-based portal (online filing cabinet) that enables you to de-clutter and reduce paperwork by storing an unlimited number of contracts, invoices and other pertinent documents securely.

You can drag and drop documents from your desktop, log the contract start and end dates, and – crucially – log the notice period required should you wish to terminate service. Contracts Manager then gives you a simple ‘traffic light’ system which enables you to see which contracts are approaching a critical date, at a glance. As and when any contract approaches a critical date, the system will send an alert, whereupon the buying group can assist you as to whether to renew, renegotiate, or look elsewhere in the market.

Visit the Contracts Manager website for further information and to sign up.

EasyFundraising – helping to generate additional revenues for clubs

The LTA has partnered with easyfundraising to help tennis clubs source an extra income stream. Just ask everyone connected with your club (members, coaches, volunteers and friends) to use easyfundraising when they shop online with 4,000 leading sites, including Amazon, John Lewis and Just Eat.

Every time they make a purchase, your club will receive a cashback donation directly from the retailer. Join over 350 tennis clubs using easyfundraising to generate additional funding to invest in the running and operation of their club.

To register for free visit the Easy Fundraising website.

Life Fitness

In partnership with the LTA, Life Fitness is able to offer an exclusive and competitive rate card to all LTA Registered Venues in the UK, providing cardio, strength and group training equipment and accessories at discounted prices.

As the world’s leading supplier of fitness equipment, Life Fitness works in close collaboration with its customers and partners to deliver tailored solutions for them and their members. Its mission, to inspire healthier lives, is backed by a strong heritage and broad product portfolio thanks to its family of iconic brands in Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) and Cybex.

For more information about Life Fitness and its brands, visit www.lifefitness.co.uk

To speak to a member of the Life Fitness team about your club or venue’s requirements, e-mail life@lifefitness.com.

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