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Programming & court utilisation


Maximising court usage; sweating your assets

Court utilisation is a key piece of information needed to assess the health of your club and if monitored regularly it can inform key decisions around how the courts are used. As well as programmed activity, venues should consider how else the courts are utilised and whether there are opportunities to fill empty court time to generate additional revenue, such as pay and play use for casual players.

Utilisation rate is automatically calculated when using booking software such as Clubspark and we’ve developed a simple court utilisation tool to help you monitor weekly usage, as well as income generation.

Programming to meet the needs of members & players

A comprehensive programme of activity sits at the heart of any well run facility as it ensures the membership is engaged, regardless of their reasons for playing. A good programme is inclusive and caters for the various type of member and player, which may vary depending on your venue and where it is located. It’s also important to review and evolve the programme regularly to ensure opportunities are maximised and members and players are satisfied with the service provided. If you don’t know how to do this it’s worth looking at our Membership Retention guidance.

Clubs and coaches working together

The management committee or club manager should work closely with the head coach and coaching team when implementing a tennis programme, as both parties benefit from happy members and players. We have some dedicated guidance on clubs and coaches working together, along with examples of different operating models and templated coach agreements.

Programmes and competition ideas

As an LTA Registered Venue, you can benefit from running a wide range of coaching and competition products and programmes;

View our Adult and Junior Programmes.

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