Winter Regional Tour

The Winter Regional Tour (WRT) is a series of Grade 3 competitions, staged by the LTA, which provide regional level competition on indoor courts from September 2019 to March 2020 for the 9U – 18U age groups.

The aim of the WRT circuit is to provide aspirational junior players with an opportunity to:

  • Develop their skills – putting their coaching/practice into match play
  • Compete against a variety of players
  • Earn a link space from a County Tour competition
  • Earn a link space to the National Tour competition
  • Improve their ranking

The Tour offers the players:

  • Guaranteed indoor matches
  • Experienced & accredited officials
  • Friendly & comfortable venue

Tournament Timeline

Action Timeline
Tournament opens for online entries Approx. 46 days before the tournament date
Closing deadline for entries* 10:00 Tuesday, 2 weeks before the tournament
Withdrawal deadline 10:00 Monday, 1 week before the tournament
Draw published By 22:00 Wednesday, before the tournament date
Results uploaded to player’s profile Friday after completion of the tournament

*variations may apply to some competitions

LTA Staged Rule

In relation to LTA Staged winter competitions (ie. National Tour, weekend Winter Regional Tour, and weekend Winter County Tour tournaments) a player can enter only one competition at each grade in the same age group taking place on the same weekend – see Regulations on Overlapping Competitions

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2019-20 Winter Regional Tour Calendars

9U winter regional tour - boys

12U winter regional tour

9U winter regional tour - girls

14U winter regional tour

10U winter regional tour - boys 16U winter regional tour
10U winter regional tour - girls 18U winter regional tour

Winter linking tournaments - 2019 - 2020

9U Boys 12U Boys & Girls 
9U Girls 14U Boys & Girls
10U Boys 16U Boys & Girls
10U Girls 18U Boys & Girls

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