Winter Regional Tour

The Winter Regional Tour (WRT) is a series of Grade 3 competitions, staged by the LTA, which provide regional level competition mainly on indoor courts for the 9U – 18U age groups.  With the success of outdoor events during the pandemic some events will take place outdoors for the 21/22 season, but the majority of events will be run at indoor venues 

There is still uncertainty around the pandemic. However, we have planned to deliver an action-packed Winter Regional Tour season from September to March and have prepared a full calendar of events. Whilst we hope these events won't be impacted by the ongoing pandemic, nothing is certain, and we will communicate should the tour be affected at any point.

Please note if events have to be cancelled due to the pandemic or events outside of our control apart from refunding entry fees we will not be able to reimburse accommodation or transport costs.

The aim of the WRT circuit is to provide aspirational junior players with an opportunity to:

  • Develop their skills – putting their coaching/practice into match play
  • Compete against a variety of players
  • Improve a player’s Recent Form / LTA Rating / Ranking

The Tour offers the players:

  • Guaranteed indoor matches
  • Experience & accredited officials
  • Friendly & comfortable venues

Tournament Timeline

Action Timeline
Tournament opens for online entries Approx. 46 days before the tournament date
Closing deadline for entries* 10:00 Tuesday, 2 weeks before the tournament
Withdrawal deadline 10:00 Monday, 1 week before the tournament
Draw published By 22:00 Wednesday, before the tournament date
Results uploaded to player’s profile Friday after completion of the tournament

*variations may apply to some competitions

LTA Staged Rule

In relation to LTA Staged winter competitions (ie. National Tour, weekend Winter Regional Tour, and weekend Winter County Tour tournaments) a player can enter only one competition at each grade in the same age group taking place on the same weekend – see Regulations on Overlapping Competitions


Rotation Dates

  Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Rotation 3
9U 16/17 October 5th February 26/27 March
10U 2/3 October 15/16 January 5/6 March
11U 16/17 October 5/6February 26/27 March
12U 9/10 October 29/30 January 19/20 March
14U 13/14 November 22/23 January 12/13 March
16U 25/26 September 29/30 January 19/20 March
18U  20/21 November 22/23 January 12/13 March


2021-22 Player Information pack

Download the Winter Regional Tour information pack 


September – December 2021 Winter Regional Tour calendars:
Coming Soon

9U winter regional tour - boys

12U winter regional tour

9U winter regional tour - girls

14U winter regional tour

10U winter regional tour - boys only 16U winter regional tour
10U winter regional tour - girls & boys 18U winter regional tour
11U winter regional tour  

Winter Regional Tour events can be easily located and planned by selecting the WRT filter in the competition management system linked below

Events will start to be published from 10th August 

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