LTA Youth Competitions

Whether your child is just starting on their tennis journey, or has been playing for a few years, there are a lots of opportunities for them to get involved in fun and enjoyable competition!

Red, Orange and Green competitions are graded to help players find the right tournaments, starting with local tournaments which provide a great introduction to competition.

Playing in competitions is a great way to put a player's skills into practice and demonstrate fair play, as they get the chance to compete against other players of a similar standard. 

Competition Age Groups Competition Age Groups addremove

LTA Youth Competitions are for children aged 10 and under and is split into the following age groups:

  • Red: 8 and under
  • Orange: 8 - 9 years old
  • Green: 9 - 10 years old 

LTA Youth Competitions age groups are aligned with the same competition seasons as Junior Tennis. A player's competition age is determined by their age on 31 December.

The table below shows which age group players will compete in from 1 April to 31 December 2020:

What does this mean?

  • If your child is born in 2012 or later, they will play in Mini Tennis Red competitions from April 2020.
  • If your child is born in 2011 or 2012, they will play in Mini Tennis Orange competitions from April 2020.
  • If your child is born in 2010 or 2011, they will play in Mini Tennis Green competitions from April 2020.

Access our Age Group Calculator to check which age group your child is in.

Finding your first competition Finding your first competition addremove

There are loads of different types of competition for your child to get involved in! 

Tennis competitions are graded between 7-1 to give an indication of the standard of play and to make it easier to identify suitable competitive opportunities. 

For Mini Tennis Players who are new to competing, we would recommend finding a Grade 7, Grade 6 or Grade 5 competition to start off with. 

  • Grade 7 competitions include local competitions such as club or squad box leagues and offer an opportunity to start gaining competitive experience. 
  • Grade 6 competitions are usually match-play events for players to play against opponents of a similar standard. 
  • Grade 5 competitions are local club or county level. 

Find out more about Competition Grading on our Start Competing page.

There are also a variety of local, club-based recreational competitions taking place throughout the year: 

  • Team Challenge is a fun, team competition aimed at mini and junior players in club programmes who are new or inexperienced to competition. Find out more about Team Challenge

Use our Find a Competition tool to search and enter a competition – you can filter your search preferences to find the right competition for your child.

Recent Form Recent Form addremove

Recent Form is used to determine acceptance into Orange and Green level competitions graded 1 - 4, and is also used for seeding draws graded 1 - 5.

From 1 April 2020, Recent Form is a player's best three individual tournament performance in the past six months. 

With the removal of Mini Tennis ratings from 1 April 2020, Recent Form will be the primary acceptance measure for orange and green competitions at grade 1 - 4 and acceptance is based on their recent form as at the closing deadline. Seeding of draws will be made according to Recent Form as of when the competition draw is made.

View the Recent Form Points Table

Find out more about Recent Form.

What are Player Passports? What are Player Passports? addremove

Player passports, which are managed by the Talent Performance Teams, are awarded to players who have achieved strong competition results and whereby receiving one, would benefit their progress and overall game development. This is reviewed as part of the on-going regional and national camp program.

Player Passports are awarded to players based on the criteria below:

Competitive profile

Players will need to be demonstrating that they are competing to a high level in grade 3s and 2s. They will also be demonstrating behaviours such as:

  • Spirit, determination and a fair attitude to match play
  • A willingness to compete positively when under pressure

Great approach to training

Players will be demonstrating that they are the strongest players attending regional camps and or inter-regional/national camps.

Behaviours to observe would include:

  • Great work ethic
  • Listening well and responding positively to instruction
  • The ability to focus on the process of training
  • Great attitude to chasing every ball, challenging themselves to never let the ball bounce twice.

Players are nominated and approved by the LTA Performance Team.

Upon receiving a Player Passport, a player will be able to play in the next age group or ball colour above. Read more about our Player Passports Rules.