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Junior Summer Tennis Competitions

Summer Junior Competition provides competitive opportunities nationwide for juniors at all levels from local, county, regional through to national level and run from 1st April to 31st August.

Local Competitions

If you are just starting to compete, grade 6 and 7 local competitions offer a great opportunity to gain some competitive experience in a local environment.

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Summer County Tour

The summer county tour is a series of local level grade 4 and grade 5 junior tournaments running throughout the summer competition season.

Entering a summer county tour competition To find specific summer county tour tournament please use the competition search.
Rules and regulations There is no limit as to how many tournaments a player may enter on the SCT but please be aware of the regulations surrounding overlapping tournaments

County Championships

In the last week of August each county across Great Britain runs a county championships which provides competitive opportunities for mini, junior and adult players of all standards. These tournaments offer both singles and doubles matches.

Download the County Championships Calendar for more information.

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If you have missed the closing deadline, please contact the tournament organiser to see if a late entry may be possible. 

Summer Regional Tour

The summer regional tour is a circuit of grade 3 tournaments taking place across Great Britain during the summer season from April to August. The circuit caters for the 9U to 18U age groups.

Entering a summer regional tour competition To find and enter a specific summer regional tour competition use the competition search.
Rules and regulations

There is no limit as to how many tournaments a player may enter on the SRT but please be aware of the regulations surrounding overlapping tournaments

HSBC Road to Wimbledon

HSBC Road to Wimbledon is the biggest junior tournament in British tennis and gives all 14U players the opportunity to progress through to compete on the world famous grass courts at Wimbledon. Local clubs, parks and schools are encouraged to enter and stage a tournament for their members/pupils rated between 10.2 and 7.1.

For stronger rated players (6.2 or higher) there is the HSBC Road to Wimbledon International event which players can enter directly.

Read more about HSBC Road to Wimbledon.

Summer National Tour

The Summer National Tour (SNT) is a circuit of national level Grade 2 tournaments which take place between April and July for the 10U – 18U age groups at venues across the country. From 2017 there will are no 9U Summer National Tour events.


Results from the SNT events will count towards a Summer National Tour Leaderboard.  There are five tournaments and a player’s best results from three of the five tournaments will count towards a player’s tally on the Summer National Tour Leaderboard.  Please read the Summer National Tour Information Pack for complete details on which results count for the Leaderboard in each age group.

What happens at the end of the tour

At the end of the Tour there will be an invitational Summer National Tour Finals for the 10U age group - players are invited based on their final position on the Leaderboard.  There is no other prize/medal for players who are top of the age group leaderboards.

For the 12U – 18U age groups, 2 players from each age group & gender will gain entry into the Nike Junior National Tennis Championships based on their final position on the SNT Leaderboard, providing the player meets all eligibility criteria for the National Championships, and has entered the National Championships before the closing deadline.

Please read ‘What happens at the end of the Tour’ in the Summer National Tour General Information document for more details.

Summer National Tour information packs

Download the general Summer National Tour information pack

Download the 10U Summer National Tour Finals information pack

Download the Grade 2 Summer events doubles informaton pack

See tables below for tournament dates and codes.

10U – 18U 2017 Summer National Tour Dates

Tournament Dates

Tournament Name

Tournament Code

1 – 8Apr 17

Sutton Tennis Academy Easter Grade 2 Tournament


9 - 15 Apr 17

Notts Junior Open Supported by Porsche Centre Nottingham 12U – 18U


12 – 13 Apr 17

Notts Junior Open 10U Event Supported by Porsche Centre Nottingham


28 May – 4 Jun 17

Gosling IHPC National Tour 2016 – 10U, 16U & 18U


28 May – 3 Jun 17

Everyball Tennis, Halton UK, Summer Grade 2 - 12U & 14U


1 – 7 Jul 17

Scottish Junior Open Championships 14U – 18U


1 – 7 Jul 17

Scottish Junior Open Championships – 10U & 12U


22 – 29 Jul 17

20th TeamBath CoMpete Open Tennis Festival


Summer National Tour Finals 2017 – 10&U Invitational

Tournament Dates

Tournament Name

Tournament Code

Thursday 24 &

Friday 25 Aug 17

Summer National Tour Finals 2017 –

10&U Invitational

To be confirmed

Players cannot enter. Relevant players will be invited  in early August

Junior National Tennis Championships

The information on the Junior National Tennis Championships is being prepared for 2018…

We hope you enjoyed participating or following the action at this year’s Junior National Tennis Championships.

The tournament is now under review as we consider the constructive feedback we have received. The dates and venues for the 2018 National Championships will be confirmed at the end of the year, with the Competition Pack being published at the beginning of 2018.

Roll of Honour 2017

Age Group & Event

Singles Champions Doubles Champions

18&U Boys Singles

Brandon Murphy

Max Stewart & Matthew Summers

18&U Girls Singles

Lillian Mould

Megan Forster & Hannah McColgan

16&U Boys Singles

Harry Wendelken

James Story & Harry Wendelken

16&U Girls Singles

Erin Richardson

Kira Reuter & Holly Staff

14&U Boys Singles

Jack Pinnington Jones

Alexander Knox-Jones & William Nolan

14&U Girls Singles

Andrea Pineda

Millie-Mae Matthews & Andrea Pineda

12&U Boys Singles

Luca Pow

Hugo Coquelin & Luca Pow

12&U Girls Singles

Eva Shaw

Given Roach & Ranah Akua Stoiber

Junior Internationals

Junior Internationals are tournaments held in Great Britain that are part of the ITF junior circuit or the Tennis Europe junior tour. The ITF junior circuit caters for juniors in the 18U age group, whereas the Tennis Europe Junior Tour caters for players in the 16U, 14U and 12U age groups.

View the Junior Internationals calendar

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