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What's the purpose of this programme?

To deliver support for the highest performing players, who are targeting major tournament success.

Who's it for?

  • Singles players who reach the ATP / WTA top 100 and doubles players who reach the ATP / WTA top 32
  • Players demonstrating a commitment to maximising their potential and targeting major tournament success

What will this programme be like?

The LTA will facilitate and deliver science, medicine and wellbeing support at the National Tennis Centre and Grand Slams.

The player will be expected to participate in an annual review of support and interdisciplinary planning / review meetings as required.

The Science and Medicine support available may include:

  • Medical assessments
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Performance analysis
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Intensive rehabilitation
  • Psychology and emotional well being
  • Performance Lifestyle advice.

Shared onsite physiotherapy, Strength & Conditioning and performance analysis support at Grand Slams will be made available.

How do players get access to this support?

Players who have reached the ATP / WTA top 100 singles or top 32 doubles should liaise directly with LTA staff.

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