Tennis & Padel facility funding & advice

Indoor Community Tennis Projects

As part of the LTA facility strategy the LTA have used insight data and mapping technology to identify areas of demand for indoor tennis. The target locations have been established following a detailed demographic review of the UK market and existing indoor tennis centres with a proven sustainable business model.

Quick Access Loan Scheme

The facility loan scheme provides loans up to £250,000 to help venues deliver projects that will grow the number of people playing tennis. This scheme is part of our mission to grow tennis by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable. To attract new players within local communities it is critical that there is access to quality all year round facilities and therefore the LTA will prioritise investment into low cost indoor structures and floodlights.

Gate Access Technology

Gate Access Technology allows venues to control access to their courts remotely, enabling them to open up their courts to new and wider audiences than was previously possible, take payment for court bookings, and secure their facilities. Gate Access systems facilitate an economic way of taking bookings and payments, without the need for on-site staff. A Gate Access System can even control your floodlights, removing the need for players to buy tokens or use meters.

External grant support for your tennis venue

Attracting additional funding is often crucial for the running and operations of many tennis venues, particularly for those seeking to deliver a new project. 

There are various approaches venues can take to attract further investment from grant funding through external funding bodies, sponsorship or even local fundraising activities.

To support venues in understanding more about these opportunities and to get some ideas as to how to raise additional money we have produced some guidance resources to support you: