Membership Retention

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Effective Membership Retention

Focusing strategy on retaining members is far more cost effective than chasing new customers, anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

We have pulled together a number of resources to help you focus on understanding what your members want, how to build loyalty and how you can start tracking your own attrition or churn rate.

Understanding your members expectations

If you want to keep your members and visitors happy and coming back for more, you need to understand what they want from their club experience . You can do this in a number of ways from utilising our club profiling reports as detailed in our Self-Service guide to Growing your Membership to understand your members in more detail. Knowing some of this information will help you build the right strategies to retain a particular type of member, what potential barriers might exist that prevent them playing more and staying in membership and their communication preferences and preferred communication channels.

You can also consider your member journey. Consider a  new members experience for example. What are the touch points from their initial search for information through to their first interaction at the club and what does your communication look like for this type of member . Getting the member journey right will help you meet and exceed customer expectations and aid membership retention in the long-term.

Communicating with your membership

Communicating regularly and effectively with members and your visitors is an important part of growing a successful business. Visitor and member surveys should form part of that communication plan are vital to understanding the reasons and motivations for playing, leaving and maintaining activity levels within the club. Customer feedback surveys are so important because they can provide businesses with insight that they can use to improve their products, offers and overall customer experience, to help we have pulled together a self-service guide to membership surveys.

Calculating membership attrition

Membership attrition is a key piece of information to assess the health of your club and if monitored regularly it will inform key decisions around your retention strategies. It’s important to keep track of the impact your retention strategies after all you ‘can’t improve what you don’t measure’. So we have developed this simple calculator to help you monitor your membership attrition or churn rate on a monthly/annual basis.

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