Gate Access Technology

Gate Access Technology

What is Gate Access Technology?

Gate Access Technology allows venues to control access to their courts remotely, enabling them to open up their courts to new and wider audiences than was previously possible, take payment for court bookings, and secure their facilities. Gate Access systems facilitate an economic way of taking bookings and payments, without the need for on-site staff. A Gate Access System can even control your floodlights, removing the need for players to buy tokens or use meters.

The LTA can also provide venues that sit within areas of higher population density with Grant Funding to pay for the cost of providing and installing gate access systems. Please speak to your Local Participation Development Partner (PDP) or email for more details. 

We have two different Gate Access Systems available that provide systems for venues with or without a power supply, both of which link to the ClubSpark booking platform to provide a seamless customer journey for club members or pay and play bookers via LTA Rally.


Click here for more information on how Gate Access systems work with LTA Rally and ClubSpark to open up club courts.


Click here for more Information on how Gate Access systems work with LTA Rally and ClubSpark to open up park courts.

How to Apply

Expression of interest

Please fill out the expression of interest form below and a member of the Facilities Team will be in touch to discuss your funding options. 

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