Financial Management

Tennis clubs will need to comply with rules for VAT, Corporation Tax, business rates and employment taxes.

Taxation can be a complex and challenging area for tennis clubs, particularly for volunteer-run clubs. However, non-compliance can lead to repercussions including both over paying and under paying HMRC (resulting in tax assessments, plus interest and penalties), and committee officers and club members potentially facing liabilities on behalf of the club. If you are working on a major project within your club, we advise developing a sound business plan to ensure the project meets your club's objectives and is within your financial capabilities.

Understanding what you need to know about tax is the first step in making sure your club meets its obligations. It can be a daunting subject but one that you cannot afford to ignore.

The following forms of tax are typically relevant to tennis clubs:

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Corporation Tax
  • Business rates
  • PAYE and NIC

Associated with your tennis club’s taxation status and requirements is the legal status and structure of your club (i.e. whether your club is incorporated or unincorporated).

Check out our self-service guide to good governance and management for more details.

LTA Legal & Tax Helpline

We understand that many aspects of club governance are complicated and can require specialist advice. As a result, we provide LTA Registered Venues with access to our specialist legal and tax helpline, operated by a leading commercial law firm. Visit our Club Governance page for further information.