Club Forum Webinars

The LTA is hosting a series of support webinars so that volunteers can gain access to information that could help their clubs.
You can use these pages to access upcoming webinars and recordings of previous webinars.

At some point the accordions already present will host the recordings of the content already delivered, but for now, we need to remove content related to those registration links.

How to book?

Click into your area/s of interest below, find a date that suits you, and click on the link titled 'Click here to register'. This will take you to a Zoom registration form.

More sessions will come online over the coming weeks, so please keep checking this page for more topic areas and new dates.

Creating effective digital marketing campaigns Creating effective digital marketing campaigns addremove

The final webinar in the marketing series partnership with Deloitte will focus on supporting your club to use social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Google SEO) to create and manage a digital marketing campaigns and track effectiveness and ROI.  

Club Forum Presentation - Creating a Digital Marketing Campaign

Facility Development Facility Development addremove

Covering tennis courts – low cost and alternative structures This webinar aims to give an overview of the options available for covering tennis courts, how to plan and manage the project and how to operate once the facility is in place. It will also explain the LTA Quick Access Loan scheme and explore other funding sources.

Tuesday 2 March @ 18:00pm -
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Friday 5 March @ 18:00pm -
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Good governance – developing an effective strategic plan Good governance – developing an effective strategic plan addremove

An effective strategic plan should be at the heart of any well run sports club. This webinar aims to set out what constitutes an effective plan, its value, function and who should be involved in the process. We will give you a simple framework to start building out your own plan towards a healthy future.

Webinar recordings coming soon

Growing your members and players Growing your members and players addremove

Updated for 2020, a chance to revisit the growing your membership club forum from last year. Over 850 clubs have now taken advantage of a local profile report in order to understand more about their members, understand their catchment and potential, enabling them to build successful recruitment campaigns. 

Webinar recordings coming soon

LTA Covid-19 Financial Support LTA Covid-19 Financial Support addremove

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has implemented a variety of measures to support UK businesses and self-employed individuals.

This webinar aims to give a simple overview of each of these measures in order to ensure that as a LTA registered venue you are tapping into the range of business support measures available to you.

Club Forum Presentation - Covid Financial Support

Covid-19 Government Financial Suport- Brabners LLP Summary Guide

Membership retention - seize the moment! Membership retention - seize the moment! addremove

Given the influx of new members and players to the sport during the Covid19 pandemic now is a great time to be focusing on your clubs’ retention strategies. This webinar will show you why you should focus on retention; share some simple tools to start measuring your attrition rates and support you with your future plans around keeping your members and visitors happy. 

Webinar recordings coming soon

Padel Development Plan Padel Development Plan addremove

We will be running a series of one hour practically focussed webinars hosted by Tom Murray Head of Padel.

Thursday 11 March @ 10:00am - 
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Thursday 15 April @ 15:00pm - 
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Please note: there is a limit of 100 users for each webinar. 

Programming and court utilisation - turning your venue into revenue Programming and court utilisation - turning your venue into revenue addremove

From calculating your own court utilisation through to building an effective programme, this webinar will give you some top tips to help you review the quality of your own programme to ensure it meets the needs of your members as well as the wider community.  

Webinar recordings coming soon

Social media made easy! Social media made easy! addremove

In partnership with Deloitte this webinar will give you an overview of the most effective social media channels available for digital marketing. In addition, how you can identify which channel(s) are most appropriate to attract certain a customer group(s) on and some simple do’s and don’ts for effective social media marketing.

Club Forum Presentation - Social Media Marketing

Tennis Industry Association (TIA UK) Tennis Industry Association (TIA UK) addremove

In addition to LTA led webinars, we are working closely with the TIA UK as part of our partnership with the tennis trade body. The TIA UK’s annual ‘Business of Tennis Forum’ is this year being converted into a series of webinars - aimed at larger clubs but will be of interest to all clubs. The topics focus on some key business issues affecting clubs, illustrate best practice and how clubs can maximise opportunities to grow and increase revenue.

Further information can be found on the TIA UK’s website.