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Independent Learning



What is independent learning? 

Independent Learning allows you as a coach to choose quality and relevant CPD that is based on your needs and interests.  

You’ll be awarded CPD credits upon successful reflection of learning for activities completed in the last 12 months. This can include a flexible range of formal and informal learning and can be from outside of our core offering.

What learning is accepted? 

There are two forms of Independent Learning - formal and informal: 

Do you have any suggestions for Independent Learning I can engage with? 

Please find a list of recommendations for content and resources for you to explore as part of your Independent Learning*.  

*These are just some of the ‘editors picks’ by our Coach Development and Support Team. The responsibility is with the coach to source relevant and quality learning based on their needs and interests. 

How long will Independent Learning CPD credits take to show in my Coach Secure Area? 

Please allow up to 14 days for us to review your Independent Learning form and process any CPD credits you have applied for. If your accreditation expiry date is within the next 14 days, then please use the Contact Us form and we will try to prioritise your application. 

How do I apply?

You can apply through this Independent Learning form. Please reflect on the learning fully and give all correct details to avoid any delays in the allocation of CPD credits.

Independent Learning form is now live

Apply for credits through the Independent Learning form.

Independent Learning FAQs

Find a regularly updated list of FAQs here.

Guide to Independent Learning

Read our step by step guide to Independent Learning.