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Tennis Fitness: Got it covered


As tennis fever continues to sweep the nation, with more and more people continuing to play there way, whether it be on court or in the garden, LTA expert coach Isla Smith is on hand to help you stay fit and ready to compete. Her latest easy-to-follow tennis-specific workout video focuses on all your overhead shots.

To help you stay active at home and get back to match fitness, LTA expert coach Isla Smith has created a series of easy-to-follow tennis-specific fitness workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Find a space in or outside your house and take on the ‘Got It Covered’ workout.

Got It Covered

The interval training session focuses on exercises to enhance overhead play improving serves and smashes.

It begins with a pulse raising warm up followed by a shadowing section working up the gears. Moving on to warming up the serve then becoming explosive with tracking smashes and getting into the net to attack the volley.

Look out for the squat, press and bend combination!


You can find even more great fitness and physio exercises on our Tennis at Home Hub, including Seated Yoga and Standing Stretches from LTA Physiotherapist Anna Poyser.

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