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Tennis Fitness: Baseline warrior


Home fitness workouts have become the new norm for thousands of people across Great Britain looking to stay active over the past few months. But with tennis courts in England beginning to reopen under LTA and Government guidelines, tennis players new and old have been out practicing their skills. As many get used to playing again after time away from the game, keeping up your fitness whilst at home is still vitally important.

To help players get back to match fitness, LTA’s expert coach Isla Smith has created a series of easy-to-follow tennis-specific fitness workouts. This is the first in a series of videos that give you a range of different tennis-specific strength and conditioning exercises that cater for all levels and abilities, whilst helping you to improve various parts of your game.


Baseline Warrior

The first 20-minute interval training session shares guidance for becoming a baseline warrior, focusing on exercises that enhance movements required to be effective from the back of the court with lots of lateral movement and rotational exercises.

The full-body workout achieves calorie burn whilst lifting the heart rate to improve fitness levels. It also provides the opportunity to strengthen and tone both upper and lower body with glute activation as a priority. Bounce or step between exercises for recovery.


You can find even more great fitness and physio exercises on our Tennis at Home Hub, including Seated Yoga and Standing Stretches from LTA Physiotherapist Anna Poyser.

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