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Tennis at Home Coaching



Ever wondered what it might be like to get tennis coaching in the comfort of your own home?

We may not be able to get on court right now but there are plenty of ways that you can play tennis at home and LTA Master Coach, Matt Smith is here to help. Every Saturday morning at 10:00am in February, Matt will be live on our Facebook page to give you a tennis lesson at home, keeping you and the kids fit, active and learning more about the sport.

From fantastic forehands to super serving, each session will focus on different skills as Matt takes you through a host of games and challenges that will have the whole family ready for when courts re-open again.

Catch up with all the best bits from Matt's sessions here and follow along at home. You don't even need a tennis racket to take part!

Ready to Rally

You're going to want to keep on your toes for this one as Matt takes you through the basics of perfecting your forehands and backhands - ready to rally. Expect plenty of games, useful tips to improve your shots and some impressive dancing throughout in the first Tennis at Home Coaching session.

Ninjas at the Net

Are you ready ninjas? It's time to work on those volleys! You'll learn the basic volley grip, the best body positioning and how to control your awesome shots. Get your rackets, balls, balloons or even frying pans at the ready as Matt takes you through a number of skills and games that you can practice from the comfort of your own home. 

Serve It Up

How can you improve or learn how to hit a serve at home I hear you ask - well wonder no more, as Matt gives you all the hints and tips to ace your serving technique. From the ball toss to the racket swing, this session has everything you need to know to improve your game.

Going for the win

Serves, groundstrokes, volleys, footwork - this Tennis at Home session has it all.

Join Matt as we bring the whole game together to go for the win. It doesn't matter what equipment you have, anyone can get involved and pick up hints and tips ready to get back on court.

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