Pro Scholarship Programme

The Pro Scholarship Programme (PSP) is the highest level of support offered to developing players by the LTA. It is offered to players aged between 16 and 24 with the best chance of reaching the ATP/WTA top 100 singles within five years.

It is intended to develop more players capable of competing at Tour level, and to establish a strong cohort eligible for selection for Great Britain’s Davis and Fed Cup teams.

What does the PSP provide?

  • Individually tailored support and world class coaching from the LTA Performance Team both at home and on Tour
  • Access to a financial grant, intended to enable the player to employ uncompromised world-class coaching and dedicated personal strength and conditioning support
  • Access to world class science and medicine support at the National Tennis Centre

The PSP is the final stage of the LTA Player Pathway before players become eligible for our programme of elite support, offered to those who establish themselves in the ATP/WTA top 100 singles or top 30 doubles.

Launched in 2018, the Player Pathway provides a clear route for high potential players to develop from playing local junior tournaments from the age of seven, right through to major professional competition. Find out more about each stage of the player pathway here 

Which players are on the programme?

Name County/Residence How the PSP helps me...
Katie Boulter Leicestershire “Being on the PSP means I have strong network of people around me to help my development as a player. It’s great to work with a number of specialist individuals on different areas off the court, from strength & conditioning though to nutrition.”
Jodie Burrage Surrey “The extra backing from the LTA has really helped along the way. The PSP has allowed me to take a coach with me wherever I go and that really benefits my tennis. It’s really good to be part of that programme and the help we get through the LTA. The feedback and the match analysis and every little thing adds up.”
Jay Clarke Derbyshire “Since being a PSP player I have risen from 550 to a career high of 153. The additional funding has enabled me to add a former pro and S&C coach with a high performance background to my team. I have also benefitted from working with Alex Lisiecki, my PSP assigned National Coach, who has extensive tour level experience.”
Harriet Dart Middlesex “It has enabled me to travel with my coach and other members of my team more frequently which alternatively would have been difficult financially. The financial help has made it a lot less stressful and helped me focus on my tennis. I’m very grateful for all the help from the LTA.”
Jack Draper Surrey “The support from the LTA has helped me to fund my tennis. It’s also helped me with tennis analysis, to watch what I’m doing and what areas to improve on. I’m thankful and grateful to have such a good structure around me.”
Fran Jones Yorkshire “By being part of this programme, I am given the opportunity to source coaches of high quality to accompany me to tournaments throughout the year, and I can fund a sports science team with great experience to help better my physical performance.”
Paul Jubb Yorkshire “I’m proud to have been selected for the PSP, and I’m really grateful to the LTA for giving me access to so much support at the start of my professional career.”
Aidan McHugh Glasgow

"The PSP has been invaluable in allowing me to access not only coaching but also tennis specific conditioning , nutrition and psychology. This support, for which I am extremely grateful, has aided my development hugely and allowed me to carefully plan a full tournament schedule, at home and abroad."

Matilda Mutavdzic Oxfordshire  
Jack Pinnington-Jones London  
Emma Raducanu Kent “Thanks to this programme I have been able to tailor my training around my individual needs as I have been in full time education. Putting a team around me that understood this was vital and because of it I have been able to progress quickly, winning some $15k and $25k events and achieving a new career high. Although for me, I feel this is just the beginning.”
Katie Swan Bristol/USA “Being part of the PSP program has allowed me to travel with a full time coach and also have access to weeks on the road with a fitness coach and physio. This is very beneficial and important for my body to stay healthy and strong, so I am able to maximize my performance. Since being on the programme, I have competed in all the grand slams and reached a career high ranking of 163.”

The Pro-Scholarship Programme is just one way British players are supported by the LTA. Other levels of support include Elite, Elite Access and the Men's and Women's Programme.