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Wheelchair Tennis Initiative



The Wheelchair Tennis Initiative is a programme of inspiring days that looks to attract, engage and inspire people with physical impairments to join the game.

The Wheelchair Tennis Initiative is the LTA’s Wheelchair Performance Pathway Talent Identification Programme, delivered by our Wheelchair Performance staff. These open days offer players the first opportunity to enter our Wheelchair Performance Pathway.

It's designed to acknowledge the fundamental characteristics that are required for wheelchair tennis, including: chair skills, racket skills and competitiveness.

We think the initiative will play a pivotal role in inspiring the next generation and the early-stage development of aspiring wheelchair performance players and the success of wheelchair tennis in the long term.

After the one-day event we will provide you with details for opportunities at local venues which will help you develop as an individual and as a player, while meeting new people.

My son Lennox (enjoyed) having the opportunity to try tennis alongside other disabled children. It's rare for him to be around other disabled children and it's valuable for him to have that experience. Also he was able to try a wheelchair for the first time which he really relished and he is now excited about getting his first wheelchair very soon.