Running a Team Challenge event

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a fun competition designed for junior tennis players. Players compete in small teams for points over a short series of matches, with winners being awarded medals. Win, lose or draw, all players receive a sticker and certificate provided by the LTA.

More than 600 clubs introduced Match Weeks in their programmes in 2019 and there was more than 26,000 entries to play in a Team Challenge Festival - why not join in now?!


 There are 2 Team Challenge formats, of which you can run one or both all-year-round, across all your age groups:

Team Challenge: Match Weeks

  • The middle and last week of your coaching programme becomes Match Week e.g. before half term or the end of term
  • Teams play fun, competitive matches in any format you like
  • You control the format with the support of resources from the LTA
  • An excellent way to keep players engaged & having fun with no additional organisation

Team Challenge: Festivals

  • These are bigger events that take place on the last week of term or half-term
  • Festivals can be run within your venue alone or you can invite others to take part
  • The LTA provide dedicated resources packs including medals, certificates, prizes and more
  • You choose the theme of the pack from either the standard Team Challenge packs or one of the seasonal themes (e.g. Halloween Monster Smash / Back the Brits / Girl Set Match / Family Cup)

What do you get in the packs?

Team Challenge: Match Week Team Challenge: Festival
  • 16 Stickers
  • 16 Certificates
  • Digital Resource Pack
  • Challenge Cards
  • Poster for clubhouse “what & when”
  • Scorecard for the coach
  • Suite of social media-ready banners
  • Access to online artwork resources.
  • 16 themed certificates
  • 16 stickers
  • 4 Medals
  • Poster
  • 1 Inflatable trophy
  • Disability tennis resources if required for your event.
  • Draw sheets
  • Sign Up Sheet
  • Editable, auto-calculated Round Robin Grid
  • Bonus Points Cards
  • Suite of themed social media-ready banners
  • Access to online artwork resources

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