LTA Coach Mentoring


What is it?

LTA Coach Mentoring, helps you achieve your personal, professional, and career goals. It aims to offer bespoke and more tailored professional development to the coach, going above and beyond ‘off-the-shelf’ CPD opportunities. 

Mentoring is open to all levels of LTA Accredited coach and is a chance to reflect on where you are now, set personalised development goals for the future, and work alongside one of 54 trained industry experts to help you achieve these. 

"The level of detail was superb and very focused around my needs and requests. I learnt a lot from every session." 
Level 4, LTA Accredited+ Coach.

Why engage an LTA mentor for my CPD?

LTA mentors are specially selected and trained in formal mentoring skills and have backgrounds across a variety of specialisms, ranging from player technical and tactical development to leadership, marketing and population specific expertise (e.g. performance, female, disability). To help support your personal and career goals. 

  • Mentoring is proven to help towards progressing in your role and your career. Research with CEOs in formal mentoring programmes found that 84% become proficient in their roles faster, 69% were making better decisions, and 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes (Harvard Business Review, 2015) 

  • 85% of tennis coaches felt more confident and competent in their role within the first 6 months of engaging with an LTA Coach Mentor (LTA Coach Mentoring pilot, 2020) 

"Before starting these sessions I was unsure whether I wanted to continue working in tennis but following the last 5 months I have no doubt that I want to continue" 
Level 4, LTA Accredited+ Coach. 

How does mentoring work and what is expected? How does mentoring work and what is expected? addremove

Mentoring sessions can take place face-to-face or virtually depending on your location and needs. 

Coaches should read the Undertaking 1-2-1 Mentoring document to gain an understanding of what mentoring ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’, what is expected of both the mentee and mentor, and some tips on how to set effective goals.

How much will it cost? How much will it cost? addremove

Any associated costs and payment are discussed directly with the Mentors as part of your agreement, in an initial contracting session. The cost will vary from mentor to mentor and your specific requirements.

How do I apply? How do I apply? addremove

Coaches (Mentees) can find information on the Coach Mentorhere. Once you find a mentor that best suits your needs you can contact them directly to discuss your goals and come to an agreement on working together to help you achieve these.

Can I gain CPD Credits through LTA Coach Mentoring? Can I gain CPD Credits through LTA Coach Mentoring? addremove

Yes. As you journey through your mentoring relationship you can reflect as-and-when through the Independent Learning form. On successful reflection mentees will receive 1 CPD Credit per hour of mentoring they undertake with an LTA trained mentor. 

How do I become a Mentor? How do I become a Mentor? addremove

Applications to be a mentor are not currently openIf you would like to show your interest, please submit here. 

What do others have to say about the programme? What do others have to say about the programme? addremove