LTA Coach Mentoring

LTA Mentoring

What is it?

Mentoring is a key part of the LTA’s Coach Development and Support strategy. It aims to offer bespoke professional development opportunities to LTA Accredited coaches, that go above and beyond ‘off-the-shelf’ CPD opportunities.  

Who is it for?

In this pilot year, mentoring opportunities can be accessed by Accredited Level 4 and 5 coaches, who work in a leadership role at a venue or are looking to develop themselves, their players and/or programmes.  In exceptional circumstances (if the coach is enrolled on an LTA Level 4 course or in a head coach role), Accredited Level 3’s may be considered, but require endorsement from their respective LTA regional team.

Why engage an LTA mentor for my CPD? Why engage an LTA mentor for my CPD? addremove

LTA mentors are specially selected and trained in formal mentoring skills and have backgrounds across a variety of specialisms ranging from player technical and tactical development to leadership, management and population specific  expertise (e.g. performance, female, disability).

  • Mentoring is proven to help towards progressing in your role and your career. Research with CEOs in formal mentoring programmes found that 84% become proficient in their roles faster, 69% were making better decisions, and 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes (Harvard Business Review 2015)

  • Mentoring provides a bespoke professional development plan tailored to your needs. This differs from CPD courses that have a set curriculum and content which is not individualised.

  • Mentoring is a chance to reflect on where you are now, set personalised development goals for the future and work alongside a genuine industry expert.

How does mentoring work and what is expected? How does mentoring work and what is expected? addremove

Mentoring sessions can take place face-to-face or virtually. We recommend the first session is done face-to-face where possible and appropriate. 


  • Apply with the submission of an application form, which includes specifying your top 3 priority areas to develop and gaining a professional sponsor for the programme.

  • Signing of a contract and agreeing payment terms with the mentor.

During the programme:

  • Commit to a minimum of 3x1 hour meetings with your mentor (not including initial contracting discussions), across a period of 3-12 months (duration and frequency to be arranged with mentor).

  • As part of the meetings, work with your mentor to set goals, with measurable outcomes.

  • Ongoing reflections and work towards goals between sessions.

  • Complete the Coach Mentoring Log, to track goals and progress.

Post Programme

  • Submit a Mentee review form to reflect on the mentoring journey and to measure your progress during the relationship.

  • Provide a testimonial for the mentor and provide any further feedback required.

How do I apply? How do I apply? addremove

In this pilot year, coaches who are interested in receiving mentoring (becoming a mentee), can complete an application form to be matched to one of 54 experts and trained mentors. This will include information on:

  • You as a person

  • Your competencies (strengths and weaknesses)

  • Your goals and ambitions

Coaches (Mentees) should indicate their preferred mentor from the mentor biographies provided. The LTA will match a coach with their preferred mentor where possible (availability permitting). If the desired mentor has no current availability, we will help to match the coach to an alternative mentor, based on your application form. 

Before applying, coaches should read the Undertaking 1-2-1 Mentoring document.

Apply to be part of the LTA Coach Mentoring (mentee) here.

How much will it cost? How much will it cost? addremove

Coaches (mentees) are expected to pay mentors directly for their services. There is no set hourly rate for expert mentors due to the variation in their overall profiles. Approximate cost per hour will be indicated by way of a ‘key’ on the mentor’s biography: £ = £0-50 , ££ = £51-100, £££ = £101+. Agreeing the cost and payment terms should be done as part of the initial contracting session with the mentor and signed by both parties, before commencing any mentoring sessions.

Do I gain formal recognition for being mentored (CPD Credits)? Do I gain formal recognition for being mentored (CPD Credits)? addremove

Coaches (mentees) will gain formal CPD recognition for their work with a trained expert mentor. A CPD Credit will be awarded for every contact hour with the mentor. Plus an extra credit for every session, to recognise the necessary preparation and review work either side of the contact time. CPD Credits are only issued on the completion of the second Mentoring Needs Analysis and a signed mentoring report. A maximum cap of 10 CPD credits are available per mentoring relationship/Accreditation year.

How do I become a Mentor? How do I become a Mentor? addremove

Becoming an LTA mentor requires an application process, which if successful, leads to training over a period of approximately six months. Applications to be a mentor for 2020 are now closed. After the pilot year we will review the programme where there may be the requirement to train further mentors. Please ensure you are opted-in to Accredited Coach email communications as any application process will be announced there.