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LTA Registration 2016/17

LTA Registration is the scheme for tennis venues across Great Britain to become a member of the LTA. The deadline for LTA Registration 2016/17 was November 30, 2016. Venues are still able to register throughout the year, but will no longer be eligible for entry into the Wimbledon Ticket Ballot for 2017.

LTA Registration is an annual process, for which the fees are payable to your local County Association. The costs are dependent on the number and surface of the courts at your venue. There are numerous benefits of completing LTA Registration, such as;

The above are just some of a whole range of benefits of being a registered venue with the LTA. Please check out our First Service guide for more guidance and information relating to these benefits.

Pricing information

When registering your venue, the cost depends on the number of courts you have:

  • £110* per court (all surfaces except grass)
  • £55* per grass court

In calculating the cost, all non-grass courts are considered first and you will only be charged up to a maximum of 12 courts, meaning your maximum standard charge can be £1,320.

*Be aware that your local county or national association may impose additional fees on top of the normal standard rates listed above.


There are also a number of discounts available for certain circumstances when registering, such as:

  • £200 for new venues (see below for more information)
  • £200 for nomadic venues
  • £200 for universities