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An instructor shows how to complete a tennis drill at home

The courts in England are closed but that doesn’t mean your tennis has to stop.

Staying fit and active has never been more important for your physical and mental health, and there are a number of ways you can perfect your game even when you can't get on court. We have developed some fun and dynamic activities in line with Government guidelines to help you work on your skills safely in outdoor public spaces.

From volley practice to fancy footwork - here are six tennis exercises you can try today.

1. The X Drill

The X Drill is a brilliant for improving your speed and agility to help you move around the court. It will also help build your cardiovascular fitness, which means those long matches will be no problem for you at all. So what are you waiting for? Grab five cones and get to work!

2. Double Ball Throw

This one is all aboutdeveloping your coordination and those all important motor skills you need to dominate the court. Building in those groundstroke motions is only going to improve your swing patterns when you're rallying from the baseline.

3. Shuttles

Shuttles are always a great way to warm up the body and get those muscles going. The dynamic stretches and movement patterns will help your flexibility and set you up ready for any workout.

4. Target Practice

Ready, aim and fire! This might seem like just a fun game, but in actual fact, the overarm throwing motion will do wonders for your serve and help build those key muscle groups.

5. Volley Rally

Making that volley game strong. This volley drill is a staple for any player and will help you build consistency in your shots and develop your arm muscles. Why not turn this one into a mini game and see who is the volleying champion.

6. Wall Ball

The hardest of all opponents to beat - the wall. Practicing playing against a wall is an excellent way to replicate rally scenarios and will help you to generate more consistency off those groundstrokes in the long-term.

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