Summer National Tour

The National Tour is an annual calendar of Grade 2 events for players in the 10U to 18U age groups. The tournaments are designed to offer the best players in the country the opportunity to compete against each other and improve their match play and mental skills.

From 1 April 2020 there was a new-look National Calendar that has been developed in close partnership with the Performance Team to support the LTA Player Pathway and to encourage the best British players to compete domestically. This calendar will be delivered by external venues and organisers, with the support of the LTA Competitions Team.

Key Changes

For the summer of 2020 a number of key changes to the National Tour calendar were planned, however with the restrictions in place due to COVID-19 the Summer National Tour 2020 was unable to take place. Therefore these planned changes will come into effect for the Summer National Tour 2021:

  • The introduction of an 11U age group to the National Tour calendar
  • The National Tour annual calendar will endeavour to offer surface-specific competitions designed to support players and coaches with planning training and competition activity on specific surfaces at certain times of the year
  • National Tour leader boards will cease to exist
  • There will be no 10U Summer National Tour Finals in the summer.

National Tour Information Pack

The acceptance criteria for the 10U & 11U age groups has been updated on 2 April 2020. 

See tables below for tournament dates and codes.

10U – 18U 2021 Summer National Tour Dates

Tournament Dates

Tournament Name

Tournament Code

31 May - 5 June 2021

Bradfield College National Tour 2021 – 10U & 11U


26 June - 2 July 2021

Scottish Junior Open Championships 2021 11U - 18U 


26 June - 27 June 2021

Scottish Junior Open Championships 2021 - 10U 


1 August - 4 August 2021

Ilkley Summer National Tour 2021 -10U & 11U 


31 July - 7 August 2021

East Gloucestershire National Tour  2020 12U - 18U 


19 August - 21 August 2021

LTA National Tour 2021 - 10U & 11U