National Open League

2019 National Open Tier

Over 6,000 teams compete in National League, the largest team competition in Great Britain.

The National Open Tier of National League features the top 32 Men’s and Women’s teams in Great Britain where many current, former and future professional players represent their club teams. Since 1993 the competition has featured many of the top players in Great Britain with a number of overseas players also taking part throughout it's history. Further details about the competition's history can be seen below

2021 Season

National/Regional Open league fixtures take place during April, May and June which lead in to the National League Open Finals in September. In 2019, the LTA Competitions Team awarded £30,300 in prize money to successful teams competing in the National League National Open Tier. The combination of prize money, travel contributions and sponsorship seed funding exceeded £38,000 during the season and this will be repeated in 2021.

View the 2021 National League Open Finals draws & resultsFriday 10th - Sunday 12th September at West Hants Club, Bournemouth

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