Governance & structure

The LTA is governed by the Board who determine the strategy of the LTA on the basis of proposals submitted by the Executive Team. The Board in turn consults with the Council on strategic matters and is responsible for the direction and strategy of the LTA to deliver its mission.

The LTA’s Council is the forum representing most of those bodies which are members of Lawn Tennis Association Limited and some other organisations involved in tennis. Its composition and powers are governed by the Articles of Association and the Rules of the LTA. It consists of the President (who chairs the Council), Deputy President and Councillors (who are nominated by the various member and player organisations).

Both the LTA Board and the Tennis Foundation can nominate Councillors. Councillors play an important role in growing tennis throughout Britain.

The LTA has an Executive Team and below that a Leadership Team which is made up of the leaders of the various departments. The Executive Team is charged with the day to day operation of the business.

View the LTA’s policies and rules, and the rules and regulations to learn more.

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