Parks Support

There are a huge number of players who wish to play tennis at their local Park, which presents Local Authorities and Park Operators with an amazing opportunity to provide a great service to members of the public, as well as hitting their own objectives.

However there are multiple challenges that are specific to the operation of Parks Sites. We have developed tools and documents to help Local Authorities and Parks Operators to understand the opportunity within their parks stock. The use of these tools combined with working alongside our Regional Teams, can help all parks venues to enhance their facilities and opportunities to play, increasing the number of people who are undertaking more activity, more often.

Parks Tennis - Making Your Courts Work

This document provides an overview of all opportunities that are available in the Parks Tennis Landscape. Download the document here

Gate Access Technology

Gate Access Technology allows venues to control access to their courts remotely, enabling them to open up their courts to new and wider audiences than was previously possible.

LTA Rally

LTA Rally is a nationwide booking tool, providing an easy way for members of the public to find, book, pay for and access tennis courts and group coaching sessions.

We have also provided venues with the knowledge and tools to run a local Social Media Marketing Campaign! We have editable and downloadable social media templates available here and also a guide on how to run a great campaign here.

Venue Feasibility Tool

We know that many operators and Local Authorities are not aware of huge opportunities that parks present to introduce new players to the sport and to generate revenue that can be re-invested in to your tennis facilities. This tool provides example figures from over 50 real life case studies, allowing you to compare your facilities and gain a great understanding of what is possible at your venues. For more accurate results this tool can be completed with the help and input of your local LTA Participation Development Partner (PDP). Please note you must enable macros for this tool to work. Download the tool for parks or clubs here, or download the tool for schools here.

Template Operator Agreement

Many Local Authorities don't have the sport specific knowledge or the workforce to deliver tennis opportunities in parks, instead preferring to come to an agreement with an external provider. We have provided an editable template agreement and guidance notes, along with example case studies of each model to help Local Authorities consider all options available to them when coming to an agreement with an external provider.

Attraction and Retention

If you want to attract and retain local players, you need to understand them and what they want from your park. This valuable knowledge can inform the creation of new playing opportunities as well as help retain and satisfy your existing customers. Please view our Parks Attraction and Retention Guide, which will help you to grow your venue.