Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

How many credits are required at each level of Coach Accreditation?

Much like accounting, the legal and the medical professions it is important that coaches stay up-to-date throughout their career and continue to develop their knowledge and skill sets. If you are in the top tier (Accredited+) you need to complete 15 CPD credits per year (15 hours approx.). Accredited (base tier) coaches are not required to complete CPD each year.

How many CPD credits can I complete through online courses?

A maximum of 8 CPD credits from online courses can count toward your CPD each year.

What are rollover credits?

If you complete more than the required 15 CPD credits in any one Accreditation year, up to 6 will rollover to the following year. You can view how many credits you have accumulated (and how many are rollover credits) in the Coach Secure Area under the Courses page.

I need to gain further credits so that I can renew my Accreditation – can I re-do my First Aid or Safeguarding and Protection in Tennis (SPT) course?

If you complete a second First Aid or SPT course within three years of the expiry date, the credits can be counted towards your current Accreditation year and the most up-to-date course will then be uploaded to the coach’s profile. It is however not recommended to repeat courses, as this contradicts the purpose of professional development training.

If the course has been completed within the last 12 months, only one set of CPD credits will be counted towards your Accreditation year.

I have booked onto a course but can no longer attend/complete - how do I cancel and get a refund?

If the course is organised by the LTA, you will need to contact the British Tennis Services Team ( / 0208 487 7000) who will be able to cancel the course and confirm whether or not a refund is possible (please note this is subject to the course and is under discretion of the course organiser).

If the course is run by an external course provider, coaches will need to contact them directly. See a list of our providers and contact details.

I recently attended/completed a course but the results haven’t been uploaded to my profile. My Accreditation expires in a matter of days – how do I get the credits added in time?

If credits from a recent course are not appearing on your profile, you can contact the British Tennis Services Team. If the course is run by the LTA, we will be able to confirm your attendance with the appropriate team. If you are awaiting points from an external course, you will need to contact the course provider directly to see if they can upload the credits themselves or confirm to us by email that you completed the course.

Due to exceptional circumstances, I have been unable to gain 15 credits. Is there any leniency to ensure my license doesn’t expire?

Acquiring 15 CPD credits per Accreditation year is a pre-requisite of renewing Accreditation+, however we do understand that there can be exceptional circumstances where this requirement cannot be met, e.g. if multiple CPD courses have been cancelled, personal health/injury reasons, mitigating circumstances, etc.

In this event, you would need to get in touch with our British Tennis Services Team who will pass on any information to us. We will then review each request on a case-by-case basis.