Tips on Tennis Health & Fitness Improvement

Tennis is a great way to improve your health and fitness. Check out our useful tips from top professionals to perform at your best and get yourself in the best shape possible.


Eating properly is important across all aspects of your life, and especially with tennis. Eating correctly before, during and after playing tennis helps you prepare, manage your energy levels and recover quicker.

Nutritionist Glenn Kearney takes us through a few sample meals you can make yourself to prepare for tennis.

Warming up

Warming up before tennis is an important activity. Correctly warming up reduces the risk of injury and ensures you are ready to get out on court.

Watch few basic warming up techniques to ensure your ready.

Cooling down

Cooling down is a great way to prevent injury and also lets your muscles relax after exercise. Once you have finished playing tennis, you should allow your heart rate to lower gradually by performing light aerobic exercise such as walking.  

You are then ready to perform some gentle stretches which will boost flexibility as well as prevent injury. 

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