What is LTA Youth Matchplay?

  • Lasts 2 hours for 8&U and 9&U and 3 hours for 10&U and yellow ball age groups.
  • The 10&U and yellow ball age groups will be using one FAST4 set whilst 8&U and 9&U will use one match tiebreak to 10 points.
  • The organiser will give a friendly welcome, energetic warm up and explanation of the rules.
  • There’ll be lots of quick matches against players of a similar ability.
  • Players not playing in matches will keep score and be ball kids. No hanging around here.
  • Players will always compete in singles and doubles matches – this develops both their tennis & social skills.

What is FAST4 Tennis?

FAST4 speeds up the conventional game of tennis. It’s shorter and faster but still competitive:

  • First to 4 games wins a set
  • Tie-break at 3 games all to 7 points, 2 clear at 6-6
  • Match tie-break at 1 set all to 10 points, 2 clear at 9-9
  • No-ad scoring   

First come, first served - LTA Youth Matchplays acceptance criteria

Players will be taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Entries will be accepted until the draw is full. Any players not accepted will be placed on the reserve list.

If a player withdraws from an event the player at the top of the reserve list will be selected to replace them.