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Team Challenge

LTA Youth Compete Team Challenge

What is Team Challenge?  

Get ready for some fun, competitive team tennis right at your local venue - this is the LTA Youth Team Challenge. 

As part of the LTA Youth programme, Team Challenge is specially designed to get more junior players playing and competing with their friends. 

Think short matches, small teams, quick fire. We cater for any number, so the more the merrier; mates, school friends or kids from the local club.

Yes, it’s competitive but everyone’s a winner – medals for the champions and certificates for the challengers. 

There are two formats: 

  • ‘Match Weeks’ are run weekly, usually halfway through a term, and are a great way to play some competitive, fun matches in small teams. 
  • ’Festivals’ are bigger events that can take place at any time, but often on the weekends or during school holidays. These often involve the whole club and can even be themed around events, like Halloween. 

Enter a LTA Youth Team Challenge competition 


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