Safeguarding information for parents

To help ensure that all children and young people at risk are safeguarded from abuse and have an enjoyable tennis experience, we have put together some FAQs below which we would advise parents to read.

How do I know if a venue is right for me/my family?

We recommend that you visit the venue to see, firstly, if you like it and then ask them to confirm (and evidence) that they have the following in place:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Safe and secure facilities
  • Annual risk assessment
  • First aid-trained personnel
  • Up-to-date policies and procedures (including on safeguarding and diversity and inclusion)
  • Welfare Officer (person responsible for safeguarding at the venue)
  • Qualified and experienced coaches, ideally LTA Accredited.

Ultimately you should satisfy yourself that the venue has arrangements in place to ensure the safety and well-being of your children.

What should I be looking for in a coach?

We highly recommend using LTA Accredited tennis coaches.

LTA Coach Accreditation is the LTA’s professional membership scheme for qualified tennis coaches.  LTA Accredited Coaches have met a number of criteria which aims to ensure they are safe to practice and committed to their career as a tennis coach.  It also means that they are regulated by the LTA and subject to our rules and procedures.

There are two different types of Coach Accreditation, Accredited and Accredited+.  The pre-requisites are different depending on the tier of Coach Accreditation.




Qualification level


3-5 only

Criminal Records Check



First Aid certified



Safeguarding Training



Annual CPD Commitment

0 hours

15 hours

How do I know if a coach is Accredited?

Accredited Coaches are able to download and print a certificate from the LTA website proving their status as Accredited or Accredited+.  The certificate shows the dates of the accreditation period, as well as the date on which the certificate was printed. You can also use the Find a Coach tool or call the LTA directly on 020 8487 7000.

Can I use a tennis coach who is not LTA Accredited?

Yes you can, although we do recommend using Accredited Coaches for the reasons given above. If you intend to use a coach who is not LTA Accredited, you should ask them to confirm (and evidence) the following:

  • Appropriate qualification and experience
  • Relevant insurance, including public liability
  • First aid certified within the last three years
  • Safeguarding trained within the last three years
  • They have completed a Criminal Record Check within the last three years.
How do I know if I should be worried about my (or another) child?

The NSPCC has an excellent page which explains how to tell if a child’s behaviour is normal for their age. You can find this information on the NSPCC website.

What should I do if I have a concern about my child, another child or the behaviour of a coach?

The LTA has a Reporting a concern from within tennis flowchart which explains what to do and what happens next  .  In short, you should contact your venue’s Welfare Officer who will then let the LTA Safeguarding Team know. You can contact the LTA Safeguarding Team directly if your venue does not have a Welfare Officer or you can’t contact them.

I think that a tennis coach has a caution/conviction on their record, are they safe to work with children?

LTA Accredited Coaches all have a satisfactory criminal record check completed through the LTA. This means that any criminal offences were revealed have been thoroughly risk assessed by the LTA Safeguarding Team to determine if the individual is suitable to work with children as an LTA Accredited Coach. 

Coaches who are not LTA Accredited may not have completed their criminal record check through the LTA and/or gone through the LTA risk assessment process.

Who can I contact if I have questions about safeguarding or need to report a concern?

If you have questions about safeguarding at your venue, or need to report a concern, speak to the venue Welfare Officer (or safeguarding lead).

The LTA Safeguarding Team can also be contacted on 020 8487 700 or at for advice around safeguarding or if you need to report a concern.

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