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DBS overview


Notice: As of 12 October 2023, the LTA has moved to a new DBS platform which offers Post Office ID verification.


A DBS check is a record of all warnings, reprimands, cautions and convictions obtained from local and national police records. Police forces may also choose to disclose soft intelligence that they reasonably consider might be relevant to the role.

Positions in tennis

The following is a list of roles in tennis for which a DBS can be undertaken. These roles have been assessed by the LTA as all being in regulated activity, with the exception of the Supervisor role which can also be not in regulated activity.  When applying for a DBS check you will be asked a series of questions to determine what DBS you need.  

If you are unsure, or none of the roles shown describes the activity being undertaken, or the level of check for a position is believed to be incorrect, please contact the LTA Customer Support Team.



Additional information

Coaching Professional

All types of coaching roles, e.g. tennis coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, etc

Volunteer Coaching Professional

As above, but the role is on a voluntary basis

Officiating Professional

All types of officiating roles, e.g. referee, competition organisers, etc

Volunteer Officiating Professional

As above, but the role is on a voluntary basis

Tennis Activator

Volunteer Tennis Activator  
Tennis Leader  
Volunteer Tennis Leader  
Medical Professional All roles which involve the provision of medical care, e.g. doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapists, 
Volunteer Medical Professional As above, but the role is on a voluntary basis
Welfare Officer  
Volunteer Welfare Officer  

Should be selected if none of the other roles apply to your circumstances but a DBS is still needed.  For example, a parent supervising junior tennis sessions, a person transporting children from the club to competitions, etc. 

During the application process, you will be asked a series of questions which will determine whether the Supervisor role is in regulated activity or not. 

Volunteer Supervisor As above, but the role is on a voluntary basis


ID Checkers

Please click here to see the list of current ID Checkers.


As of March 2022, the DBS fees are:

Type Admin fee DBS Fee Total
Non-volunteer applications £9.60 £38 £47.60
Volunteer £9.60 £0 £9.60

Admin fees are inclusive of VAT.



Applicants are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their DBS application form. The LTA is unable to process refunds once payment has been taken.

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