LTA Rally

The LTA has developed a national tennis booking website, called LTA Rally, which provides an easy way for tennis players to find, book and pay for tennis courts and group coaching sessions. LTA Rally automatically links with ClubSpark - if your venue already has pay and play courts or open sessions for non-members set up on ClubSpark, then it is as simple as turning Rally on. The courts and courses can be booked by tennis players from their mobile phone on the LTA Rally website in three simple steps.

The LTA Rally website launched with group coaching in mid-June. All LTA products - Cardio Tennis, Tennis Tuesdays and Tennis Xpress will appear automatically on LTA Rally. Any other bespoke or custom course that is open to everyone can also appear if the 'publish to Rally’ tickbox in ClubSpark is ticked. Your courses can appear on Rally even if your courts do not.

The new platform also offers signposting for players to Local Tennis Leagues, and will also in the future promote free tennis events across the country, such as Big Tennis Weekends.

It is free for venues to join, and we are investing in marketing LTA Rally to ultimately help drive more customers to tennis venues across the country and grow our sport.