Renewing Coach Accreditation

When am I due for renewal?

It is possible to have a renewal date at any stage in the year as you can join Accreditation at any point. You can renew up to one month before your expiry date.

What is the ‘grace period’?

Your grace period is a 2 month window which begins the day your Accreditation expires. The purpose of the grace period is to allow you extra flexibility to attain any outstanding pre-requisites, without having to complete a new DBS (if your DBS is valid i.e. less than 3 years old). A grace period should be only used in exceptional circumstances, for example if you missed a CPD course due to illness. Please note that your insurance is not valid during your grace period and you are not considered a current member of Coach Accreditation during your grace period.

Access to benefits is reserved for current members of Coach Accreditation. Whilst some benefits may remain accessible e.g. if you have a web subscription on a separate platform, your insurance, access to the Peugeot Affinity Scheme, and access to discounts will not be available. ClubSpark membership includes a grace period that is in-line with your membership i.e. you will lose access to ClubSpark services once your grace period ends.

Am I insured during my grace period?

You are not insured during your grace period or afterwards. It is therefore critical that you ensure you complete all your pre-requisites before your expiry date.

I am an Accredited coach (formerly Registered) but want to upgrade to Accredited+ (formerly Licensed), how do I go about this?

If you are Accredited, you are able to upgrade to Accredited+ at any point (providing you hold all the pre-requisites to join this top tier of LTA Coach Accreditation – see table of pre-requisites).

I am an Accredited+ coach but want to switch to Accredited (base tier), how do I go about this?

If you are an Accredited+ Coach (formerly Licensed), you will need to wait until your next renewal period (1 month before your Accreditation expires) before you can downgrade to Accredited (formerly Registered).

If I renew in my grace period, does that give me 12 months from the day I renew?

No. If you renew during your grace period, the renewal will backdate to the day after your expiry e.g. if your Accreditation expired on April 9th but you renewed during your grace period on May 15th, your next Accreditation period will be back dated to April 10th. You are not covered by LTA insurance during your grace period.

What happens if I do not renew my Accreditation during my grace period?

If you do not renew within your grace period you will fully lapse from LTA Coach Accreditation and you will be considered a non-Accredited coach. Whilst your prior history as an Accredited coach is available on the LTA database, you will need to apply as if you were a new coach that has never been Accredited before. You will therefore need to ensure you have met all of the requirements in place as a new applicant. This will include a new DBS.