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LTA Environmental Sustainability Plan


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To deliver our vision of tennis opened up, it is critical that the LTA plays our part in addressing issues related to environmental sustainability, protecting and supporting the environment and tackling our climate impacts.

The climate crisis, resource scarcity and changes to the natural environment represent global challenges but will have an impact on tennis in Britain at all levels. Whether it be the impact of more extreme temperatures on grass court tennis at Britain’s major events, or rising sea levels and severe weather meaning a higher proportion of tennis venues at risk of regular flooding, it is critical that we play our part in tackling these issues.

That’s why we have developed our Environmental Sustainability Plan. Launched in June 2022, it sets out how we will help secure a lasting future for tennis in Britain, through positive action on climate change and leadership in sustainability.

We have made good progress since publishing this plan, and have published an update on what has been between 2022-2024, as well as the LTA’s focus for 2024-2026.

LTA Environmental Sustainability Update

The LTA’s original Environmental Sustainability Plan which was published in June 2022 can be viewed here:

LTA Environmental Sustainability Plan

Executive summary

Sustainability at our events

We are committed to ensuring our major events meet high standards of sustainability, by reducing climate impacts, ensuring we utilise resources efficiently to reduce waste, and consider how we can support the natural environment. 

We're leading the way for tennis in Britain, but everyone can play their part, however big or small. 

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Changes to our climate and environment are the greatest challenge we face globally, and we have already begun to see the impact on tennis. I’m really pleased that the LTA are making a long-term commitment to both reduce its own impacts, and work with everyone involved in tennis in Britain to protect and support the environment. It’s really important that we all play our part, however big or small, to ensure that tennis is here to enjoy for generations to come.”

The LTA knows we have a role to play in tackling our direct impacts, as a responsible organisation and event owner and operator, and in our Environmental Sustainability Plan we have set out some specific actions that we will take to do this.

Ultimately, we also want to support the wider tennis community to be more sustainable in our role as national governing body for tennis in Britain. In doing so we know that we will have a positive impact far beyond our own operations, but also most effectively support tennis in Britain in the face of rising energy costs, and changes to the environment.

Guidance & support

We've made some initial guidance and support for available tennis venues , and will be developing further guidance and support for those involved in tennis in Britain as we deliver our Environmental Sustainability Plan.

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There is already great work going on across tennis in Britain, with the following case studies illustrating steps that tennis venues are doing to reduce their impacts and support their local environment.


Sustainable sourcing

We are committed to working with our key suppliers and funding recipients to ensure that we procure products and services, and fund organisations, with environmental, social and ethical issues in mind.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Code guidance document provides further information for suppliers and funding recipients.

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LTA publishes landmark Environmental Sustainability Plan for tennis in Britain

Read about our new environmental sustainability plan, setting out the role we will play in securing a lasting future for tennis in Britain.

LTA partner with Pledgeball to inspire positive climate action across tennis in Britain

We have just announced a brand-new partnership with Pledgeball - a charity that engages sports enthusiasts on environmental sustainability.

LTA commits to United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework as it develops plans to support the British tennis community in a more sustainable future

LTA commits to United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework as it develops plans to support the British tennis community in a more sustainable future.

Halton Project Zero sets the bar for sustainable solutions in tennis clubs

Thanks to Halton Project Zero, Halton Tennis Club have made notable leaps in reducing carbon emissions and, all in all, improving the club’s environmental performance.

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