Singles is one-on-one tennis against an opponent, and is perhaps the best-known version of tennis available.

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Doubles sees players pair up to take on another pair. Alongside singles competition, some of the world’s top players also take part in doubles competition.

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Disability tennis

From deaf tennis and visually impaired tennis to wheelchair tennis and learning disability tennis, there is a great range of tennis programmes available for players.

Disability Tennis

Mini Tennis

With smaller courts, nets, rackets and lower bouncing balls, mini tennis is the perfect introduction to tennis for children between 3 and 10 years old. 

Mini Tennis


Miss-Hits aim is to encourage more girls to play tennis by making the sport more girly, colourful and fun. It is currently ran through schools, community halls and sports centres, as well as tennis clubs.


FAST4 Tennis

FAST4 Tennis provides a simple, exciting way of speeding up a conventional tennis match. The fundamentals of tennis remain the same, but there are four rules that ensure matches are fast, competitive, exciting and can be completed in a reasonable period of time.

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Cardio Tennis

Cardio tennis does not require tennis skills, instead it’s all about keeping your heart rate up, burning calories and having fun to up-tempo music on a tennis court. 

Cardio Tennis

Tennis Xpress

Tennis Xpress is great if you have never played tennis before, or haven't played in a long time. It's a six week course that's an easy and fun way for adult beginners to get into the game or improve their skills.

Tennis Xpress


touchtennis is the closest thing to five-a-side for tennis, played on a smaller court, with 21” rackets and foam balls and can be played on any flat space, indoors or outside.

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Beach Tennis

What is Beach Tennis?

Beach Tennis is a cross between tennis, beach volleyball and badminton. It’s a fun sport suitable for all ages and abilities, ideal for families, groups of friends, leisure as well as professional players.

There are a number of operators supporting beach tennis in the UK. One provider, Beach Tennis UK has a website with more information about opportunities to play.

GBR Team Selections

The LTA support the selection process for players to represent GBR in the ITF Beach Tennis World Team Championships and the European Beach Tennis Championships.

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