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The LTA's Player Pathway

Our mission is to deliver a pathway for British Tennis Champions that nurtures people, teams and leaders.

Our Player Pathway is a strategic approach for future champions. It knits together current and future programmes to provide a clear route for players, from Mini Red to major tournament success. Our vision is to make Great Britain one of the most respected nations in the world for  player development.  

Our Player Pathway delivers programmes at each stage of the journey, to ensure that the right players are training in the right environment, with the right coaching support.

Below is a diagram which outlines the programmes within the Player Pathway. Further information is provided for parents, coaches, venues/operators, counties and players.

Player Pathway diagram

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Coaches and Centres/Operators

Full details for coaches, centres/operators and counties on how to apply for investment, and nurture success locally and nationally.

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All the information needed for parents to support their child through the Player Pathway.



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All the information on developing through the Player Pathway for new and existing players.



Professional player development resources

Access resources and information on player support, wild cards, regional tennis, education and anti-doping.

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